Get Inspired By These 4 Gender Neutral Nursery Looks

Nowadays, more expecting parents are opting to put off knowing the sex of their babies before they come out. While some of them are doing it for the surprise factor, it doesn’t hurt to be adaptable when buying baby stuff. More importantly, if you’re planning to have another kid in the future, creating a gender neutral nursery forces us to make practical choices when buying furniture and decor.

Whether your intention is to decorate smart or if you’re simply itching to break free from the usual pinks and blues, check out these 4 nursery mood boards we’ve curated, based on today’s chicest interior trends:

Bright and Boho

bright and boho nursery

Paint your walls white and accent the room with verdant greens, navy blues, and woven textures. If you have a bit of a green thumb, put indoor plants to freshen up the space. Just make sure to use kid-friendly plant pots or put clay pots in woven outer containers. You can also adapt an animal theme to the room by putting adorable stuffed toys.

Black and White

black and white nursery

Basing your nursery’s interior on a black and white palette is a practical and adaptable way to decorate for whatever your kid’s gender will be. Make the look young by incorporating prints and patterns on your walls and carpets. Wall prints don’t need to come with a hefty price tag. Check out websites like Little Gold Pixel where you can download prints for free.

Mellow and Yellow

mellow and yellow nursery

If you want a more modern take to your nursery, combine light grays with pops of yellow. Balance out the two colors by using a paler yellow accents on the decor. Consider modular wall furniture such as a honeycomb shelf. This way, you can add or remove shelves depending on your preference.

Urban Elements With Primary Colors

Urban Primary Nursery

Nothing screams youthful and urban more than whites and brights. Keep it tasteful by restricting the red, blue, and yellow as accent colors: keep the walls and key pieces such as the crib, shelves, and carpet in white. Put colorful art prints in minimalist white frames. Scrimping on space? Choose a crib that comes with drawers.


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