5 Educational YouTube Channels for your Child’s Inner Genius

With information at the touch of our fingertips, it’s best to get to know all the different educational YouTube channels for your kid

Back in the days, we had to rely on books and television. We had tutors when school was being a little tougher than usual and we had those big encyclopedia sets and thick dictionaries when we needed to look something up. I learned a lot through those books, and I learned a lot through television. Shows like Sesame Street, Blues Clues, and Hi5 shaped my childhood, but what really impacted it the most was Little Einsteins.  Their famous rocket ship took me through adventures set to classical music and landscapes painted by the masters.

Sesame Street

“Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?” remains an eternal question, and proves how this timeless show transcends generations. From learning the alphabet with Big Bird to counting with the Count, they’re sure to entertain as well as educate. With the show’s super wide range of content (including classic episodes!) there’s no other show more perfect than Sesame Street.

Super Simple Songs

Get ready for musical adventures with Super Simple Songs. The content is in the name itself, with simple catchy songs and nursery rhymes. Their animation is also A+, and is definitely something that will sustain your toddler’s attention. Play along and have them singing along in no time! (They also have a, in my opinion, better version of Baby Shark.)


If history is your thing (or mythology or how things work or riddles or everything in between), Ted-Ed provides fun, colorful, and wildly informative videos that feed our curiosity. Its diverse selection of topics makes for an amazing viewing experience that’s easy to digest, especially through their soothing voice overs and amazing graphics.

Crash Course

Whether it’s reading assignments, physics homework, or just plain curiosity, Crash Course covers multiple disciplines for students to learn. Famous author John Green and his brother Hank founded the channel which has now grown over the years. Their educational empire also extends to SciShow, The Brain Scoop, The Art Assignment, and How to Adult.


So we’re cheating a little here, but this show seems too good to pass up. Scientific exploration takes center stage on Netflix’s Brainchild. The series dives into STEM fields with creative experiments and colorful adventures, and it’s a mix of Bill Nye, Mythbusters, and Sesame Street.

Bonus! For fun eye-opening stories that expose your kid to different cultures, Great Big Story is also an amazing YouTube channel to follow.

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