5 Episodes of Rainbow Brite You Need to Show Your Kids

In celebration of 40 years since it was first shown on television, we share five memorable episodes of Rainbow Brite and her friends.

If you were a child of the 80s, chances are you came across Rainbow Brite. The show, alongside big names like G.I. Joe and Transformers, was one of the cartoons kids love to watch. This year, the show turns 40 years old! And to celebrate, we round up five memorable episodes of Rainbow Brite that you and your kids can check out.

1. “The Beginning of Rainbowland”

The episode is a two-part series wherein a girl named Wisp, who later becomes Rainbow Brite, is sent to Earth to retrieve the color belt and rescue the color kids from Murky and Lurkie—who both want the Earth to remain gloomy.

This is also the episode where she meets her sprite named Twink and her horse Starlite.

2. “Peril in the Pits”

In this episode, Rainbow Brite meets a boy from Earth named Brian and strikes up a friendship with him. She must then take him to Rainbowland to be returned to normal since he walked into a rainbow and became multi-colored.

3. “Mom”

In this episode, Murky’s mom unexpectedly visits and he finds himself trying to impress her by trying to rule over Rainbowland—a decision that soon becomes a hilarious moment for everyone.

4 “A Horse of a Different Color”

This episode finds Murky creating a mechanical horse to disrupt a big race at the Sprite Fair in Rainbowland in order to kidnap Starlite.

5. “Queen of the Sprites”

The Evil Princess of Spectra heads to Rainbowland—while claiming that she is the Queen of the Sprites—and commands them to get all the star sprinkles for her use. Rainbow Brite and her friends must stop her at all costs.

A nostalgic blast from the past!

Rainbow Brite is a nostalgic show from the 80s that parents from that era are familiar with. After all, they’ve grown up together with Wisp, Twink, Starlite, and the Color Kids and have lived vicariously through their adventures!

By sharing beloved shows like Rainbow Brite with their kids, parents can help create a special bond that goes beyond generations. More than just showing what shaped their childhood, parents can teach values, lessons, and the magic of imagination through these old shows. It can even spark conversations, laughter, and a sense of nostalgia that strengthens family connections!

But most importantly, it’s a refreshing break from modern-day shows with a reminder of simpler times when creativity and colorful characters dominated the screens.

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