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5 Heartwarming Lessons from Miss U: A Journey to the Promised Land

In the documentary, Marian Rivera travels to Israel and meets an OFW, who has been away from her children.

On May 7, GMA 7 aired the documentary Miss U: A Journey to the Promised Land. Marian Rivera was the host. Meanwhile, her husband Dingdong Dantes directed it. The documentary, which was shown in time for Mother’s Day, was shot during the couple’s trip to Israel, where Marian was a judge for the Miss Universe pageant in Eilat.

It was also during the trip that Marian met an OFW named Jenny Cariño. They got to chat about her life as an OFW and leaving her two children. Additionally, the documentary showed a side of Marian she rarely talks about—being a daughter of an OFW.

Here are heartwarming moments from Miss U: A Journey to the Promised Land worth sharing:

Miss U: The Journey to The Promise Land

Family is so important. Marian Rivera was reluctant to leave her two children for the short trip.

In the documentary, Marian was seen hugging her daughter Zia. She explained to her how long she will be away. Marian’s mom and Dingdong’s mom alternated in being with Zia and her brother Sixto for the time being. Moreover, Marian would often do video calls to check on her kids during the Israel trip.

Marian Rivera meets Jenny Cariño, an OFW and a fan of the actress

Marian met up with Jenny Cariño and asked questions about her life. The actress would later learn that Jenny works as a caregiver and does odd jobs. She is a single mom of two. Meanwhile, a relative has been raising her kids in Pangasinan.

In one of her conversations with Jenny, Marian asked if given a chance, what would she ask a child of an OFW whose parent has been away for so long?

Anak, may galit ka ba sa akin. Kasi malayo ako sayo?” Jenny answered. “Wala ako noong mga special na okasyon, ganon. May galit ka ba? O naiintidihan mo ako?”

At this point, Marian got emotional and teared up.

Marian Rivera opens up about growing up partly without her mom

In Miss U: A Journey to the Promised Land, Marian opened up about being away from her mom Amalia in the formative years of her life. Her mom was based in Spain where she met Marian’s father. However, the relationship didn’t last and Marian shared that at one point, her mom had to take her away from her dad.

It was Marian’s aunt who told her mom about opportunities to work abroad. In return, she decided to apply and work for her daughter’s future.

Bilang isang anak ng OFW, alam ko hindi biro and pinagdadaanan ng mga magulang, kapatid man yan, nanay man yan, or tatay man yan,” Marian said. “Malaking factor na open yung isang nanay sa anak kung bakit kinakailangan niyang gawin itong klaseng desisyon sa buhay na iwan ang anak.”

Miss U: The Journey to The Promise Land

Marian Rivera and mom Amalia had a talk about the brief separation

At one point during the interview, Marian and her mom Amalia had a moment with each other. Marian asked if her mom had any regrets about leaving her for a while. Her mom said no because she was doing it for her. When Marian asked what her mom wanted to do after she came back to the Philippines, Amalia said that she wants to spend as much time with Marian to make up for being separated during the moments Marian needed her the most.

When Marian and Jenny went home

After her quarantine, Marian was reunited with Zia and Sixto who were happy to see her after almost two weeks of not being with their mom. Jenny also got to reunite with her two daughters during a quick vacation in the Philippines. It goes to show that no matter how long they have been separated, a mother’s love for her child is seen in the hugs and kisses they shared.

A look into Israel

Although the long documentary focused on Jenny and Marian’s story, it also gave a glimpse of what Israel has to offer. Filipinos who visit the country will not only experience its history but also the shared values and characteristics that both Filipinos and Israelis have.

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