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5 Proven Reasons Why Journaling Heals You

Journaling helps people take note of what happened in the day. Be it good or bad, it helps feelings easier to process.

Journaling used to be something that we used to do as kids. Whenever we felt bad or wanted to remember something good, we would write it down in a journal. Sometimes, we would make a scrapbook out of it with pictures and shiny designs. Other times, we write it down to make sure we never forget a certain feeling because of a certain event.

Especially during a crisis (like this pandemic!), our emotions are quite mixed up! We’re happy one moment and sad the next — everything is all over the place! If the COVID19 pandemic has proven anything, it’s that nothing is set in stone.

That’s why there are times we need to start journaling. Our minds cannot heal by themselves.

But I don’t have time for that, is something you’ll probably say. That’s true. We live in a fast-paced world where working and juggling the house is normal and breaking down is not. But we’re humans. Journaling helps us process things better so we can heal and move on. Here are five proven reasons why journaling helps you heal your mind.

1. It helps you unleash undesirable thoughts.

Undesirable thoughts can drive us crazy! Journaling helps you keep tabs on them!

At some point in your marriage, you already thought about hitting your spouse with a frying pan. Or, you wished your crying kids to stop. But you also know that you can’t voice that out because it’ll hurt them. And sometimes, it’s not their fault. Kids will always cry and sometimes, your spouse can’t do much.

Journaling helps you put those thoughts on paper and keeps you detached from the emotion that can push you to do those things. When you see it on paper, you’ll have time to process and see why those thoughts came out. It takes the weight off your shoulders without actually doing it.

Journaling allows the act of sublimation wherein you turn a bad act you’re about to do into something socially acceptable.

2. It validates your emotion.

Validating your emotions is a big benefit from journaling because not everyone can understand.

Empathy is not a talent; it’s a skill. When we have problems or our children and spouses have problems, we’re quick to give advice. But, it doesn’t always help because it makes them feel that their feelings mean nothing. Giving them advice straight away makes some people think that their pain means nothing and therefore should not be worried about.

But that’s something far from the truth. Journaling helps you realize that. It helps you validate yourself. It helps you realize that 1) you were affected, and 2) it’s something that nobody can deny.

3. Journaling unleashes your artistic side

Releasing your thoughts in a journal can soothe you.

Sadly, we live in a world where the arts are often looked down on. The arts are seen as something “not productive” which is why we end up neglecting it. Journaling is seen as an art thus, many people don’t do it. But it does help people. It unleashes your artistic side.

Art is an expression of freedom. There’s nobody to tell you what is and what is not art. When you write down in your journal, nobody can tell you that your writing is bad. It’s your expression, your thoughts, and nobody can change that.

4. It promotes brain function

Get smart and stay lucid!

Nowadays, people buy keyboards and start typing away. But there’s benefits to writing with a pen on paper. Studies have shown that writing on a paper with a pen allows your brain to recall things better because it goes through your hand and mind. The muscles in your hand will remember you writing it and your brain will remember the movement.

Your Hippocampus (the part of the brain responsible for memory) will thank you for writing it down since you engraved it by writing it down.

5. It gives you a sense of achievement

You've written and created something in your journal! Yay!

Okay, it sounds weird. But it’s true because you go through the process of creating something! When you create something, it gives a sense of achievement because it’s from you. Nobody else could have created it! During a time of crisis, sometimes, we need something to help us remember that we are more than just our problems.

So take the time to write. Create. Let your thoughts run free. Restraining thoughts never did good for anyone.

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