5 Reasons Why Parents Must Take Their Vitamins Daily

As we parents get older, it’s a must to take vitamins daily.

Current trends show that people are becoming parents much later in life—leading to the possibility of more complications. Whether physiological or mental, maintaining the daily minimum of vitamins helps nourish one’s lifestyle while weathering stress and other health factors. Apart from this, here are some reasons why parents need to start being more religious in taking their vitamins daily:

Some diseases are late-onset

Some of us usually find out we’re a lot sicker than we look when we’re older. Diabetes, early onset of Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, PCOS—these are usually the ones that slip past us. We often brush them aside, thinking it’s our stress getting to us. But in reality, it can be a sign of something bigger.

Bones are more brittle when older

Studies have shown that older women who are menopausing have bones that are more prone to breaking. This phenomenon is also known as Osteogenesis Imperfecta. Crudely translated as “imperfect bone generation,” this is why we hear a lot of stories about our mom friends breaking their ankles, hip, and a variety of other bones—even if they just trip over a crack on the floor. To prevent the effects of this phenomenon, take a lot of calcium, which can be found in milk. It can also be found in iFern MilkCa if you’re trying to avoid sugar often found in milk.

Damage from the pandemic

Living in a condo and being forced to stay inside due to the pandemic deprived us of some vitamins that are only available outside. Vitamin D, for example, is available through sunlight and lowers the risk of getting other diseases like tuberculosis or diabetes. Some people can even die of Vitamin D deficiency! For those who are living in a condo, always keep a stash of Vitamin D pills. A pill of Fern-D a day keeps diseases at bay.

Someone’s got to chase the kids

Our kids are bundles of energy and chasing them is part of the job. Nerves and muscles rely heavily on Vitamin B to make sure our bodies can keep up with our kids. It’s not just about having the energy but making sure our bodies can process that energy right. Fern-Activ focuses on providing the right amount of Vitamin B, C, and Zinc to keep our bodies in tip-top shape.

It makes us look good

We all want to look good and have the right to. When our bodies have the right amount of vitamins, it reflects on our bodies in having a good body mass index (BMI), firm, wrinkle-free skin, and alert senses. And if some of us are entrepreneurs, we always have to look our best. Looking our best means managing our nutrition, too.

Managing both our kids and our own nutrition is important!

While we’re nitpicky about our kids’ nutrients, we should be also with our own. Being mindful of our nutrition means looking at the different aspects like how iFern covers a variety of vitamins to make sure we don’t fall short in taking care of ourselves and our kids. Make sure to stock up on your daily vitamins with iFern. These are available in your local drugstore or from their shop. You can follow them on Facebook at facebook.com/ifernofficial and Instagram at instagram.com/ifernofficial as well.

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