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5 Ways How To Care For Grandparents During The Pandemic

Just like how our parents took care of us before, it’s our turn to take care of our kids’ grandparents.

Kids are not the only age group that got hit by the pandemic. Our grandparents did too. They’re most likely hit hardest by the isolation, living alone with no one to talk to. Although some of us may hire caregivers for them, they may also want to talk to members of their own families. Unfortunately, some may have difficulty since gadgets like Zoom, Google Meets, or all sorts of chatrooms existed in their time. So, here are ways we can take care of grandparents.

1. Giving our grandparents a phone call

If the internet’s not their thing then, we’ll have to do it the old-fashioned telephone call way. While a lot of us rely on the internet for phone calls, not all our grandparents have the internet to connect with. Some find it too fussy and others are scared to let the internet people in because they’re the most vulnerable to COVID-19. This is why we shouldn’t just cut our landlines yet. Our grandparents may not have transitioned properly into the era of the internet.

2. Send them food they like

Grab and Food Panda have an option for you to send food directly to their homes. All you have to do is pay them through their electronic wallet like GrabPay, Paymaya, or GCash. Although we know that Lola’s cooking’s authentic stuff, some may not be strong enough to cook anymore. Especially if they live in a house with stairs, we don’t want them breaking their hip. It’s better to send our grandparents food as long as it’s good for their health and something they like.

Make sure you hire the right caregiver for your grandparents

3. If you’re hiring someone to take care of your grandparents, monitor and screen carefully.

We’ve heard horror stories from the nursing home about how some of our grandparents are badly cared for. At the same time, some COVID-19 positive stories come from bringing in caregivers who were not properly tested. Especially if your grandparents have co-morbidities or are struggling with daily routines, make sure you get a caregiver who’s familiar with caring for those in the old age group and are familiar with their comorbidities like diabetes, etc.

Show your care for grandparents with a few stories or two

4. If your grandparents want to tell you a story, just listen

Our grandparents love sharing stories. Although some may not be true, try your best to indulge them. After all, they don’t really have anyone to talk to. It’s also their way of recalling the good times and coping with the harsh conditions of being isolated due to COVID-19. Letting them talk is also our way of showing how we can care for our grandparents because it keeps their brains functioning, rather than letting them go senile.

Taking care of our grandparents

5. Make sure our kids tell their grandparents “I love you”

Nothing makes grandparents smile more than hearing their grandchildren say “I love you” with a big beaming grin. It’s not expensive though, it might take a little negotiating with the little one but this also develops empathy in your kids. Kids can see the effect of words a lot faster and they’ll eventually realize how saying “I love you” can be their way of taking care of their grandparents.

Taking care of our grandparents during the pandemic

Our grandparents may have faded into the background because of distance. We don’t get to go out as much. Going to their house for Christmas or any celebration usually triggers anxiety because we’re afraid to let them get hit by COVID-19. Either that, or we just get swamped with so many things happening in the house. But taking care of our grandparents doesn’t need to be expensive. A phone call or a small gift would do to always let them know that they’re in your thoughts during the pandemic.

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