7 Oral Hygiene Must-Haves for Everyone in the Family

Flex your best smiles with Watsons’ oral hygiene essentials so you and your family can always look good and feel great

One of the most noticeable things when you express joy is your smile. It’s a simple, light form of facial expression that means so much to one another. As parents, one simple smile from our kids remedies the weariness we get from work. And for kids, seeing their parents smile at them strengthens their love and connection towards the parents. With that, it is only important to put significant attention to the oral hygiene of everyone in the family, not only for the benefit of oral health, but also to strengthen the bonds within. Smiling is contagious in spreading a sense of comfort and happiness  and that is something worth taking care of.

Touted as every family’s go-to health and wellness retailer is Watsons. It covers everything a family needs when it comes to maintaining good and healthy oral hygiene. For every modern parent looking after the best for their family’s health, here is a rundown of the oral hygiene essentials you can readily have from Watsons.

Tender and gentle

Practice oral hygiene without being harsh on your teeth and gums

Kids, with their developing oral cavities, can have sensitive reactions when toothbrushing. The Oral B Toothbrush 3D White Soft and Cleene Clio Toothbrush Dentabright Colors toothbrushes do the work of preventing plaque build-up gently with their smooth brittles.

Opt to use gentle toothbrush and toothpaste

Also gentle on the gums is the Sensodyne Deep Cleaning Toothpaste that everyone in the family can use and enjoy—not just kids. It cleans thoroughly and provides sensitivity relief and longing sensitivity reaction that results in healthier teeth and gums, and helps freshen breath.

Mighty bright

Good oral hygiene boosts self confidence

Adding charm to healthy smiles are pearly white teeth. The Sparkle Triple White Toothpaste and Oral-B 3D White Luxe Diamond Strong are specially formulated with advanced whitening technology in removing stains.

More and more brands are also further innovating in providing excellent tools you can use to achieve brilliant and flashy smiles. The Colgate Optic White O2 Teeth Whitening Kit is an advanced treatment with super-charged whitening action, perfect for the parents. The kit comes with a whitening LED device and a teeth-whitening pen with active oxygen whitening serum, enhanced by the effective wavelength of the patented indigo LED light device.

Rinse to cleanse

Always complete your oral care routine

For overall healthy oral hygiene, finish your routine with mouthwashes. This is also a step parents should definitely teach their kids. Rinsing stabilized chlorine dioxide with oxidizing action is known to effectively kill harmful bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum diseases. This essential component is bottled inside the Oracare Cool Mouthrinse. 

One of the most common oral problems most of us experience is a sore throat. A bottle of Bactidol Oral Antiseptic is a popular household must-keep that remedies sore throats in as fast as 30 seconds by killing the viruses that cause it.

Good oral hygiene draws the best versions of smiles from anyone. With over 1,000 stores nationwide and online accessibility, wherever you are in the Philippines, there is a Watsons near you to cover your oral hygiene needs.

Watsons has a lot in store for you and your family. Visit their official website to know more.

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