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8 Restos That Serve Good Whole Chickens

For those who have big eaters at home, buying a whole chicken is easier than buying packed meals.

A whole chicken is not only easier but cheaper on the budget. Especially when there are people with large appetites at home, sometimes, it’s better to buy a whole chicken. Considered as one of the more versatile and cheaper meats, chicken is a big source of protein especially for your kids who are into sports or whose partners are diabetic. Here are some places to buy whole chickens to make it easier on the budget.

1. Chickey’s Whole Inasal

Served often chopped, Chickey’s Whole Inasal Chicken on Scout Rallos has two kinds of Inasal marinades: authentic Bacolod-style and the favored Manila-style. The best part about this place is that they’re easily accessible from Food Panda and Grab for those within the QC-Tomas Morato area. They even have boodle sets if the family needs rice. For those not into chicken, their Cebu-style Liempo is good too.

2. Fei Mui Premium Roasts

Fei Mui Premium Roasts serves a variety of roasted meats that are commonly known as Chinese hawker food. While they have goose and duck, Fei Mui Premium Roast also serves White Chicken with their delicious scallion-ginger sauce. They serve their chicken in both whole and half-size but they also do combo roast meals where they can mix some Lechon Macau and Roast Duck to go with the chicken.

3. Peri-Peri

Especially for those who have the discount cards, Peri-Peri’s marinade for a whole chicken appeals to kids who love their meat drowning in sauce. They have the lemon marinade and the picante marinade for those who love to challenge their spice tolerance. Their spitfire-roasted chicken can be enjoyed with their wide array of sauces from the classic Garlic Brew to their unique Harissa Exotica.

4. Aca’s

Selling both half and whole chickens, Aca’s on Instagram prides itself on its Hainenese-style, scallion Chicken which can be enjoyed with just plain rice even though it’s not as heavily marinaded. Located in San Juan, one whole Hainanese Chicken with 4 scallion-ginger sauces from Aca’s costs PHP700 which is good enough to feed the whole family. If you know the kids love drowning their food in sauce, they sell their scallion-ginger sauces individually too. Since it’s steamed chicken, the whole family has more freedom on how they want to eat their chicken.

5. Gringo

Southern-style grill is the name of Gringo‘s game for their whole chicken. They have the typical lemon marinade but the Southern-style marinade has a smokiness that goes well with their side dishes. There’s garlic mushrooms, nachos, roasted squash, and others to spice up the experience. They also sell their dipping sauces in a squeeze tube so it isn’t so messy to keep. Their Chimichurri Aioli is a must-get for spice lovers at home.

6. Tiong Bahru

Michelin-star restaurant Tiong Bahru earned its laurels via its boneless whole Hainanese Chicken. Served in slices with their delicious Chicken rice and 3 sauces, their Hainanese Chicken remains tasty even when cold! They have other dishes too like Chicken Congee or their TB-style Tofu and Seasonal Vegetables in Oyster Sauce. At first, the kids might find its appearance boring but after mixing the sauces with the rice — they’ll enjoy the wide array of flavors.

7. Warung Indon

A small Indonesian restaurant hidden in Maginhawa, Warung Indon‘s one of the few, affordable Indonesian restaurants that sell delicious whole chickens. Although fried, it tastes delicious with both their garlic sauce and their sambal sauce. Don’t forget to get their Sambal Rice and their Kangkong with Tofu. It’s a novel flavor for the whole family instead of just eating the typical fried chicken from the usual haunts.

8. Hawker Chan

Priding itself in being one of the cheaper Michelin-star restaurants, Hawker Chan‘s flagship food is their Roast Soya Chicken. They serve also packed meals which vary from egg noodles, veggie noodles, and rice. But for the big eaters at home, there’s a whole Soya Chicken there. Best part is that there’s no need for sauce anymore since the marinade sinks deep into the meat.

Whole chickens for the family’s big eaters

Cost-cutting while sticking to a healthy diet is a difficult balancing act. Diet restrictions, work load, and even stress can affect anyone’s appetite. Whole chickens can help manage budgets since they can be spread across several meals. And if we’re tired with its initial recipe, the leftovers can be transformed into something our palates will be in the mood for.

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