Moms and Daughters Can Achieve Their Well-Deserved Skincare Goals with Silka

Silka continues its journey as the go-to self-care companion

It’s unmistakable that the dynamic of countless families has drastically changed throughout this past year. Everybody has been staying at home a lot more, and just like the heads of the homes that they are, moms and daughters have begun juggling more hats than ever before. Doing common chores such as cooking and cleaning now come along with the daily struggles of working and studying from home. This means less and less time to just sit back and pamper themselves as they end up prioritizing everyone else–but not anymore.

Silka, a trusted skincare brand for decades now, is continuing to guarantee that moms and daughters like Sunshine and Angelina Cruz achieve their well-deserved self-care session every single day.

The way a mom takes care of her child is the way Silka undoubtedly takes care of our skin.

It’s a balancing act

Being a mom to three teenage daughters while on lockdown, Sunshine knows how much more of a balancing act it has become. From time to time, a few arguments still arise between her and her children, or even between Angelina and her younger sisters, Samantha and Francheska. This is why open communication and respect are necessary in ensuring fun and laughter within their household. But even after a day’s worth of exciting moments with each other, taking a few minutes for oneself, whether in the morning or at night, is still essential.

Longtime skincare partner

Having been in the market for 20 years now, Silka Papaya Soap is considered as the number one beauty soap in the Philippines. Not only does it effectively eliminate dead skin cells, but it also improves the skin’s hydration and texture. Enriched with Papaya Enzyme and VitaRich Actives, clearer, more moisturized, and younger looking skin can easily be achieved by any mom and daughter tandem. This affordable soap bar even has a fruity fresh fragrance, making it perfect for an all-day freshness that no house chore or activity could ever beat.

For Sunshine, the Silka Papaya Soap has been her go-to since 2013. It’s been the perfect partner to her simple regimen, which involves washing her face with a mild soap, bathing, and ensuring that she’s removed all traces of makeup before she sleeps. The soothing smell helps ease her into self-care mode where she curls up with a good book or movie before going to bed. It’s a routine that she’s passed on to her daughter, Angelina, who’s added using SPF at all times to the mix, too. Her top reason for using Silka Papaya Soap? The scent! “It reminds me of the spa,” says Angelina.

Formulated with Papaya Enzyme, Vitamin B3, milk, and honey, the Silka Papaya Premium Whitening Lotion effectively makes the skin softer and smoother while giving it a brighter glow. What’s even better is it already has SPF30, protecting the skin from the damaging effects of UV rays from the blazing sun. Angelina’s personal favorite? The Silka Papaya Whitening Lotion with SPF 6. She loves the fact that the lotion keeps her skin moisturized without the sticky, greasy feeling most lotions with SPF have. With constant use, moms and daughters alike will be able to notice that their skin has become more youthful as the lotion also helps in keeping moisture and nutrients locked in place.

All in the name of self-care

With Sunshine and Angelina both working in the showbiz industry, the long hours, studio lights, and having makeup on their faces for prolonged periods of time really take its toll on their skin. So aside from using a trusted brand like Silka, they put an emphasis on self-care by making sure they are always hydrated, refreshed, and well-rested. They also attribute their overall wellness to being surrounded by the people they love most–their family!


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Provide effective and affordable skincare for your family with Silka by visiting Shopee or Lazada. For more information, follow Silka on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

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