Aivee Clinic Presents The Newest Way To Rejuvenate Our Skin

Aivee Clinic invents a new way to rejuvenate our skin: the Aivee Sapphire.

Considering that the weather in the Philippines is unpredictable, it is no surprise that it takes a toll on our skin. Add that to the stresses of parenting, the changes in our bodies as we get older, and the changes in our diet and lifestyle—our skin will be one of the first to show that there are problems. This is why the Aivee Clinic invented a new method to rejuvenate the skin: the Aivee Sapphire.

Taking away the things that have been frustrating us about our looks the most.

As moms or dads, we often look back with nostalgic guilt or regret about how our bodies used to look. All the more with the incoming holidays and festivities, we become aware of what we look like. But with the Aivee Sapphire technology, we find a solution to getting our pre-parenting bodies and look back. Instead of dealing with backhanded compliments, we get praised or just not have to deal with any uncomfortable remarks about our looks.

The Aivee Sapphire combines two technologies: Hydroporation and Radiofrequency. Hydroporation is a method that deeply hydrates the skin with the use of water and serum-infused pressurized air. While exfoliating, the process also delivers multiple benefits into the dermis for deep hydration, skin-lightening, and anti-aging benefits. Working together with Radiofrequency which triggers the skin to produce more elastin and collagen by generating heatwaves, it also deals with laxity, fine lines, wrinkles, and cellulite.

Aivee Clinic’s Philosophy: Restoration beyond skin deep

While restoring our beauty is one thing, the Aivee Sapphire also influences our bodies to regenerate from the stress and damage we put on our bodies. Exclusive only to the Aivee Clinic, the treatment helps moms and dads find a starting point to look and feel good. It directly affects the proteins — elastin, and collagen — that are responsible for making the skin look supple.

The Aivee Sapphire continues to reflect the clinic’s philosophy by offering a wide range of treatments. One of the treatments includes deep hydration and another is toning, helping us get rid of that water weight that we often hide with long or flowing sleeves.

Look bright like a sapphire with Aivee Sapphire

One of our greatest frustrations with therapies for the skin is the number of sessions. We need to juggle our schedules and, settle the kids and the rest of the family before we can think about ourselves. But the Aivee Sapphire lets you achieve beauty with fewer amount of sessions.

For more about the Aivee Sapphire, you can check out their website or Instagram.

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