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The Empowering Dermatologist: Aivee Teo is on a League of Her Own

Aivee’s days are hectic. Inside Aivee clinics, all types of women book their favorite treatment. As regulars at clinics ran by the Aivee Group, they are also referred to #AiveeLeaguers. Dressed in chic athleisure gear or current season pieces from the season’s hippest label, these individuals invest on self-love. It is not just an indulgence for these women, but a necessity so that they can give more fully to their families, friends, passion projects, and the communities they belong to. #AiveeLeaguers weave various aspects of their lives with grace.

The Aivee lifestyle

The term has evolved into a full lifestyle beyond the four walls of the Aivee clinics. At the heart of this movement is Dr. Aivee Aguilar Teo. She is not your regular dermatologist. She is a lifestyle purveyor who has allowed women access to self-love and care. The clinics she runs are not merely beauty institutes, but tranquil spaces for me-time. Modern French interiors inside brightly lit spaces greet patients as they walk into Aivee clinics. There are contemporary artworks on the walls, handpicked by the doctor herself. Plush couches and other design accents, draw patients to sit and luxuriate.

The experience of entering an Aivee clinic registers more like waltzing into a boutique hotel and than a medical facility. “Most hospitals and clinics in the Philippines are eerie and bland-looking which can be quite scary for some. We wanted to create a place where our patients can feel well taken care of and comfortable,” says Aivee. The cozy, cocoon like set-up, distinct to Aivee clinics, have made it an ideal venue for spending time with loved ones while getting state-of-the-art treatments.

“At the Institute, we believe in enhancing natural beauty and having holistic wellness.”

“We want to be distinguished as the go-to place for health, beauty and wellness treatments,” adds the widely celebrated dermatologist. Constantly updating and innovating the beauty experience demands no less than 100 percent from Aivee. However, it is sheer passion that fuels her. It has also yielded milestones that, a few years back when she was starting in the country, seemed like a distant dream.

“One of the highlights of my career is being able to open five branches in the Philippines. It has made our facilities more accessible. Another is being the number 1 Ultherapy provider in the country and in Southeast Asia. It is a remarkable achievement, made possible by the love and support of our patients and staff.”

This summer, the Aivee Group is introducing another first in the business, the Aivee Onda Coldwaves. Even before its formal launch, supporters of the brand have shown palpable excitement over the newest venture.

“Success really comes to those who work hard, are passionate, and give their full effort,” Aivee reinforces. Days at the clinics are long. Aivee works six days each week; not including the countless events and social engagements she attends. The good doctor regularly visits all five clinics spread throughout Metro Manila. Every two weeks, she flies to Singapore where she runs another clinic alongside husband, Dr. Z Teo. Patients living outside Metro Manila have requested Aivee to also open in other major cities. Residents from Cebu and Davao want their dose of Aivee too. To this, her team would jokingly respond, “Dr. Aivee might never get any sleep anymore!”

The future of Aivee clinics

This is not to say that further expansion is off the table. “Hopefully we’ll be able to open more branches in the near future. We want more patients to be part of the #AiveeLeague,” Aivee says. It will, however, require tedious planning. Especially because the hands-on doctor insists that every clinic offer the same quality of service and experience. “I make sure that patients get excellent treatments each time,” she shares. “I believe in always being honest and sincere with my clients. Building relationships with them and gaining their trust is a big key in giving them the treatments that are most suitable for them.”

Aivee patients visit the clinic not just for the usual consult of administering of treatments. They also connect with the celebrity dermatologist whom they consider as a friend. “It’s not just about making money or doing non-committal work. You have to commit and give a 100 percent.”

A peak into the life of the Teo family

During a recent trip to Singapore, she posted a video of her husband administering Ulthera on her while her three children played bedside. Snippets of family life in Aivee’s feed speak volumes about how she is able to enjoy both family life and career.

“The key is time management. My mornings are for my children. Afterwards, I go to work. If I finish early, my evenings are also dedicated for my family. I always make sure to spend quality time with them. Life goes by so fast and my children are growing up.”

Sometimes, followers of the doctor catch glimpses of her kids—Keli, Kenzo and Kenzee—tagging along for lunch as well as visiting mom at the clinic or enjoying down time at home with their two dogs. Aivee also shares a beautiful partnership with husband, Z, who is her pillar of support and source of inspiration. On special occasions, he brings comedic and romantic flair into the mix.

Aivee on her success, giving back, and having it all

Aivee’s cup is overflowing and this is what inspires her to give back. “Being in the field of dermatology, I am fortunate that I am able to help the less fortunate who do not have the means to go to our clinics for treatments and medicines,” she says. She counts the establishment of Beauty Beyond Borders to be one of her career highlights. She elaborates that “being able to help is truly a heartwarming and grounding experience.” The dermatologist is also committed to helping medical missions the at Las Pinas Doctors Hospital as well as the Philippine Cancer Society.

Aivee is testament that women can and should have it all. “You can be whatever you aim to be—no matter what your gender is. As long you do your work to the best of your abilities,” she opines. Her story is telling of a new approach to modern living that women across all generations are beginning to embrace. “We can have it all. It’s all depends on how the term is interpreted and your mindset,” Aivee Aguilar Teo, the ultimate #AiveeLeaguer, declares.

Photos by Floyd Jhocson | Art by Alex Manlangit

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