Angeline Quinto Gives Birth to a Son

Singer Angeline Quinto is now officially a mom as she gave birth to her son Sylvio.

Angeline Quinto is now a mom. On Wednesday, April 27, Angeline gave birth to her son Sylvio, posting updates on her Instagram stories.

In one post, she wrote the time of Sylvio’s arrival at 10:22 pm.

In another post, she captioned it, “Love at first sight.”

Prior to the announcement, she posted photos saying she was about to give birth.

angeline quinto gives birth

Looking forward to being a mom

During her interview with Modern Parenting, Angeline said that she and her partner have so many plans for their baby.

Marami na kaming plano sa magiging baby namin. Yung mga tao din na nandiyan para sa amin. Sila din yung tumutulong sa amin—yung mga kailangan namin after kong managanak. So malaking bagay din na may mga taong ganyan sa akin ngayon.

(“We have so many plans for our baby. Our loved ones have been helping us so much—including getting what I still need after I give birth. It means a great deal to be surrounded by such people.”)

She also said that she hopes to be a good mother as she goes through the journey.

Sana matutunan kong maging mabuting nanay para sa anak ko at yung maibigay ko din yung mga kailangan niya. At sana ma-enjoy ko ang maging nanay since first time koAlam ko na baka prone ako na magkamali. Sana mabawasan yung kaba at takot! Sana mapaghandaan ko yung zero sleep. Rineready ko yung sarili ko na mapuyat lagi kasi siyempre parte yun sa pagiging nanay eh.”

(“I hope I learn to become a good mom to my child and to be able to give him everything he needs. I hope I enjoy being a mother since I’ll be a first-time mom and I might be prone to making mistakes. Hopefully, the nerves and fear lessen as well. Also, I’m preparing myself for sleepless nights because of course, that’s all part of motherhood.”)

Angeline first confirmed the pregnancy back in November 2021.

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