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Anne Curtis Returns to Erik Matti’s Action Series BuyBust

Celebrity mom Anne Curtis marks the end of her four-year hiatus from acting as she returns to the BuyBust series.

Many celebrity moms such as Coleen Garcia and Anne Curtis have taken a hiatus from their acting careers to focus their efforts on parenting and other priorities. But with their kids needing a little less hand-holding, they’re now diving back into the spotlight. Anne Curtis does just that when she excitedly posted on her Instagram a stack of scripts of BuyBust with some training knives and blades, tagging Director Erik Matti.

“Acting refresher Day 1,” she exclaims. “It’s been 4 years! 😵‍💫 Training blades came out while I was finishing these scripts @erikmatti 🎬 I am extremely excited for this! 🎥”

Anne Curtis returns to the BuyBust series

Director Erik Matti is known for his successful series: BuyBust and Folklore

Anne Curtis looks more than ready!

Despite four years in hiatus, Anne Curtis appears more than ready for her role in BuyBust since being bitten by the running bug after her win in the Tokyo Marathon and training in knife fighting with artist Rafael Kayanan.

Anne Curtis training
Source: Anne Curtis IG

In the earlier BuyBust episodes, Anne Curtis shone as hardened anti-narcotics special operative Nina Manigan. Unfortunately, she has stayed mum about her character’s development and role in the show besides her being the star. The other scripts laying under it may be the next few episodes, but we’re sure many people are just as hyped, including her sister-in-law, Solenn Heussaff.

Welcome back to the BuyBust series, Anne! We’re rooting for you!

Anne’s return to the spotlight is a highly anticipated one!

When celebrity moms go on hiatus, they have two main choices: either fade into the background or return to the spotlight. While some celebrity moms chose to become mompreneurs, others didn’t shy away from the limelight and brought back the joy people always had when watching their shows just like how Anne Curtis returns to reprise her role on BuyBust.

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