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Anthony Pangilinan and Maricel Laxa on Spending Time with Family: Date Your Kids, Spouse

The couple recently shared their parent-child bonding with children Hannah and Donny.

Anthony Pangilinan and Maricel Laxa have been sharing tips and advice when it comes to family matters and they make sure they apply it to their own family. In an Instagram post last January 21, Anthony shared a photo of him, daughter Hannah, Maricel, and son Donny out on a date. The catch, Hannah and Anthony had a father and daughter bonding while Maricel and Donny were catching up with each other.

“So, Hannah and I decided to go on a breakfast date, and Maricel and Donny decided sila na rin… Without us aligning, we ended up in the same place! (But we ate in separate tables),” he said.

“Hahaha, 2 sets of ‘Mini-MEs’ come together.”

The host and motivational speaker then shared that this practice has been something he and his family have been doing for a long time.

“Date your spouse, your kids, and your parents. One of the few practices we have held on to through the years,” Anthony said. “It’s not what on the table that matters. It’s who in the chairs.”

Make time for each other

In a separate post showing her son Donny, Maricel said: “Connecting eye to eye, heart to heart with my twin. It’s the kind of boost that goes a long way especially these days…”

“Make time for each other. Just make time.”

Aside from Hannah and Donny, the couple’s children also include Benjamin, Ella, and Solana.

Have bonding moments with kids

Pandemic or no pandemic, always make sure to set aside some time for your partner and your kids. Have a day with just either your partner or your child so that you get to bond and catch up. Doing activities together such as eating out or just talking and watching TV is good enough to make that good connection with each other.

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