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Anyo Manila Is Dreaming With Style

A fashion and lifestyle brand making waves in the local scene is empowering modern Filipinos to shoot for the stars

A late night thought turned dream come true, Anyo Manila is the brainchild of Charisma Gutierrez, envisioned to elevate homegrown artistry. A global pandemic wasn’t enough to deter Charisma’s ambition as she set her sights to pursuing her passion and birthed a brand we can proudly label Filipino-made

Here’s why we love Anyo Manila

What’s in a name

Anyo Manila Cha Gutierrez sittting down

It’s been said that a name can reveal your most notable characteristic, and this could not be more accurate for Charisma Gutierrez. She is charm personified, willing devotion from whoever crosses her path, and bursting with enthusiasm— it shines in her work as seen in Anyo Manila. Even with a nationwide lockdown in place, she fought the urge to entertain any form of doubt as she worked her way to launch a simple clothing brand. 

“I’m a naturally competitive person, and once I set my mind to something, I do whatever I have to do to get it done. The lockdown motivated me to keep going, and I thought it worked in my favor since everyone was just at home and businesses were all moving online.” 

Conceptualised early last year, with wild thoughts keeping her up at night, a name struck her like an Aha! moment, as most bright ideas do. Derived from the Tagalog word “Anyo”, Cha was drawn to the concept of the word’s versatility pertaining to good form, asit encapsulated every little thing she had brewing in her head. That was all it took to set her plans in motion.  

Elevating the local scene one chic design at a time

Inspired by the impact of local goods on a global scale, Anyo Manila is committed to elevating the local scene even further, garnering attention from celebrities, influencers, and even admirers from across the seas. In just under ten months, they have amassed an impressive following of over 20k on Instagram— not an easy feat for any small business. 

Anyo Manila kids clothes and masks

With ideas pouring in, Cha decided to launch a clothing line for kids, and soon after, expanded to home essentials in the form of Anyo Home. Anyo takes pride in making sure that their designs fit just the right way which is why all clothing items are customizable and made-to-order. Home products are all locally crafted, either handmade by Anyo or sourced from local artisans.

Anyo Manila home set pillowcases

Cha is in full creative control as she designs and curates all the items showcased on Anyo Manila. “I believe that fashion is a representation of who you are, stripped down to your ultimate comfort level,” Cha said. “This is reflected in Anyo’s clothes—comfortable enough to wear at home, and stylish enough to get your game face on. Likewise, our home products were designed to brighten up a home and help one feel motivated. We may be living in an uncertain time with this quarantine, but it has also given birth to many new dreams, so now we say that it’s time to #DreamInStyleWithAnyo.”

Dream in style

Anyo Manila is the result of passion and hard work. Even without a background in fashion, the sheer will of chasing a dream was enough for Cha to execute her vision. Armed with lessons she picked up along the way, she has learned to play to her strengths and delegate other aspects of the business to a well-formed team. 

Cha Gutierrez Anyo Manila sitting on a beach

“There are times when I doubt my capabilities as a designer and wonder if I made the right decision. But I will lose sleep working on something that I love, and I don’t mind it at all. That’s what happens when I work on ideas for Anyo. There are even moments that I will cry over stress, but thinking about the future keeps me going,” shared Cha. 

Go big or go home 

“The things in life that are worth anything will not come easy. You work on it everyday, and the only thing you can control is that no matter how hard it gets, what you do still makes you happy at the end of the day.”

Charisma’s energy is infectious and as it translates well into her brand, she looks forward to even bigger plans ahead and encourages every Filipino to dream with Anyo Manila. A firm believer in reaching for the stars, no idea is too small and no vision is ever out of reach— it’s the inspiration we all need during these times. 

“If it’s something that you really want to do, you must never doubt yourself. If you’ve dreamed about it and thought about following through, even if you fail, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t meant for you. Obstacles and challenges are part of the success, and going for it is still going to be a dream come true,” Cha says with a smile. 

If you’ve been looking for a sign, this is it. 

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