Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero Celebrate A Parenting Win and Rocket’s Birthday

Rocket’s first full sentence was, “Happy Birthday to You!

For any parent whose child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is non-verbal, there’s a big sense of joy and relief that no one can describe when they make their first full sentence. Celebrity couple Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero opened up late this year about Rocket having ASD and on December 14, 2022, they celebrated both Rocket’s 4th birthday as well as a parenting win. Their little girl made her first full sentence: “Happy Birthday to You.”

Aubrey posted the reel on her Instagram, recording the great milestone.

Rocket is the daughter of Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero
Source: Aubrey Miles

Celebrating with ASD in Mind

Rocket is the daughter of Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero
Source: Aubrey Miles

In the Instagram post, Aubrey also took a chance to shine a light on the challenges of celebrating a birthday party for kids like Rocket. “For parents who have a child with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) know the challenges in throwing a party for their child, especially with lots of people. At her age, we’re still trying to figure out what she can tolerate and her vibe with loud music and lots of people,” she wrote, sharing that Rocket considered the party “big”.

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are usually vulnerable to overstimulation, leading to crying, screaming, and thrashing about. Triggers can sometimes be as simple and as innocent as a flower candle with music. “She even got scared when lighting the birthday candle. My fault because I got one of those flower candles with music,” Aubrey admitted.

Both Aubrey and Troy have been posting their parenting journey with Rocket, hoping to spread more awareness and compassion for parents who have kids with ASD, too.

A Birthday to Remember for Troy and Aubrey’s Whole Family!

Although they didn’t get any good shots of Rocket looking at the camera out of the 60 they took, Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero will always remember the joy, relief, and pride when they heard Rocket form her first full sentence. It looks like while they had a party for Rocket, the little girl had a birthday gift for them as well. Happy Birthday, Rocket!

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