Suds Away: Bath Time Essentials for Your Baby

Do you have these bath time essentials ready for your baby?

While there is no need to regularly bathe your baby, bath time is a crucial part of a newborn’s routine. Figuring out the equipment you need can be stressful so it’s best that we whittle it down to the basics.

Celebrity Mom baby bath time essentials

Baby Bathtub

When your tiny tot is slippery, you’re going to need extra help. A baby bathtub will make bath time easier, safer, comfier, and more enjoyable for you and your little one. There are a ton of baby bathtubs to choose from, varying in material and form that will certainly address your baby’s needs and preferences.

Tip: once they’re ready for the big kid tub, buy a bath mat to avoid accidental slips as well as a spout cover to prevent baby from bumping their head.

Celebrity Mom baby bath time essentials

Baby Soap, Shampoo, and Lotion

Babies love a good bath so be ready for a fun and messy time. Make sure to effectively nourish and thoroughly cleanse baby’s soft and sensitive skin with these staple bath products. There is a wide variety of soaps and shampoos available, which might be overwhelming to some so it’s best to wind down the choices to items with no-tears, gentle formula.

Celebrity Mom baby bath time essentials

Bath Toys

Indulge your baby’s bath time imagination with toys. Bath time immerses the baby in a new environment and bath toys in a variety of sizes, colors, and volumes will stimulate your little one’s senses. As a result, it aids in easier transition to the later stages of the child’s development.

Celebrity Mom baby bath time essentials

Hooded Baby Towels

Shampooing baby hair is usually reserved towards the end for good reason: babies’ heads get cold easily, which is why hooded towels are a must-have. Coming in a multitude of designs, these help babies regulate their body temperature while drying them off in a snug, adorable, and fluffy manner.

Celebrity Mom baby bath time essentials

Soft Baby Washcloths

Find gentle and organic washcloths that will maintain your baby’s soft and supple skin, as it removes all the leftover spit and food stains that might have occurred over dinner.

Tip: soak washcloths in lukewarm water so that baby won’t get cold as you cleanse them.

Celebrity Mom baby bath time essentials

Baby Bath Thermometer

As previously mentioned, keeping babies warm during bath time is important because they are quite sensitive to the cold. However, water and cloths that are too hot can be harmful as well. It is recommended to bathe your baby in lukewarm water,90 degrees and below, due to their tendency to get hot rather quickly. Use a baby bath thermometer, found in a myriad of adorable designs, to make sure that your baby won’t burn up.

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