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Beat the Scales Like Paolo Contis with Pure Jus

Under a saturated health juice market, Pure Jus shines as the optimum choice for those who need a drink that’s as tasty as it is healthy

Pure Jus was founded in 2013 out of a young woman’s goal of providing a healthier lifestyle for herself. Today, the 7-year old brand is still led by its founder, Kristal Hierco Reyes, who is now focused in continuously improving her craft to make the best juice products in the country. We were able to converse with Kristal as she talked about her illustrious vision for Pure Jus in the industry. but now, we’re examining the proven significant health boosts that only Pure Jus can provide, as testified by the experiences of one Paolo Contis. He was able to lose a total of 32 pounds in a matter of two months by committing to the brand’s comprehensive detox program.

Veteran actor Paolo Contis swears by the sustainable weight-loss effects of Pure Jus’s tasty Detox Blends

Commitments to purity

Unlike the majority of juice products that can be found in many of the country’s supermarkets, Pure Jus makes good in its claim of not adding unhealthy and unnecessary sugars or fillers in all of its blends. This commitment to purity by exclusively relying on the natural sweetness and flavors of organic produce makes Pure Jus’s offerings the ideal drink for those looking to cut sugar or preservatives in their diet. 

Whether you’re looking to shed a few pounds for your next beach trip, or you’re just craving for the refreshing sweetness of fruit juices while keeping track of blood sugar levels, Pure Jus allows you to purge the paranoia of drinking something that may be too sugary for your own good. The quality of the ingredients could even help clear your skin, according to Contis, who explained to us that:

One benefit I love was actually how my skin started to look young again. People were asking why, and they can’t believe it was because of Pure Jus.

Paolo Conits on healthier skin with Pure Jus

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Blended for your body

Speaking of additional benefits, another way this juice brand nourishes your body is with the brand’s holistic approach of providing all the necessary nutrients that our delicate bodily systems require. Each unique blend has been tailored to meet a specific need that your body needs to quench. From blends that are filled to the brim with good antioxidants like the zesty K-Berry Cleanse, to shakes with excellent protein and calcium sources like the Brownie, the brand ensures that completing the requirements of your daily nutrition becomes as delicious as it is essential.

The Belly Fat Buster doesn’t just help you lose a few pounds, it also has anti-aging properties

Pure Jus’s foresight allows its customers to think less of their daily nutritional requirements while being able to enjoy razor-sharp and comfortably high energy throughout the day, making it the perfect thirst-quencher for those who worry about nitpicking the contents of their daily nutritional intake a little too much. To aid their customers even further, Pure Jus even provides a detailed ingredient list for each of their blends over at their website.

From a sip to a step forward

With these life-changing boosts, there is no doubt that a bottle of Pure Jus can encourage any of its drinkers to take his or her first step towards beginning their fitness journey. The healing effects of Pure Jus only become magnified when it is paired with healthy habits such as consistent exercise and a balanced diet. Even with exercise, it seems you don’t even have to become a full-fledged athlete in the gym to see your benefits double. When asked what other activities he did to lose weight, Contis added that he first paired his Pure Jus cleanse with a good walk; a habit which has now evolved into a variety of exercises in his daily routine:

I just walked everyday. Now, I’m starting to lift weights again and bike.

Paolo Contis on exercising with Pure Jus

Pure Jus does not just offer a well-rounded, honest product that’s as delicious as it is healthy; it also gives its drinkers the opportunity to steer their lifestyle towards a healthier route. For those who are willing to commit to such a journey despite the challenges that might come along with it, the young brand is ready to push you towards becoming the best version of yourself, as soon as possible.

To know more about Pure Jus, visit their official Instagram here.

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