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Being Gentle Matters in Both Skincare and Parenting

Just like how Cetaphil Baby is gentle for our baby’s skin, our parenting needs to be gentle enough for our kids to learn while building their resilience.

Skincare and parenting are complex affairs. Just like how Cetaphil Baby is both gentle and good for our baby’s skin, parenting needs a proper balance between being firm and gentle to raise our kids. Especially when they are still toddlers or infants, there’s a lot for us to learn about being parents. Parenthood and skincare are part of our lifelong journey of learning wherein we all take baby steps to bring out the best in ourselves and our kids.

Baby steps, baby steps

As parents, sometimes, we demand too much from ourselves when we see other moms being successful. The envy creeps up on us on how some moms can have amazing skin and low-maintenance kids. On the surface, some of us assume it’s because these moms have an “iron fist” in dealing with their kids. When in reality, it’s pretty far from the truth. Just like how Cetaphil Baby covers all 5 areas of protection for baby’s skin and rightly earned its being the Most Prescribed Brand, Modern Parenting’s Parentalk 2022 will tackle all the aspects of Gentle Parenting including how to integrate Healthy Play.

Just like how babies need guidance, parents need it, too!

There’s nothing wrong with asking for guidance as parents. After all, it’s better to have a tribe to learn from than do everything alone. Learn from Andi Manzano-Reyes and Modern Parenting’s very own managing editor Gretchen Gatan Fragada as they talk about what Gentle Parenting is and how it can make handling toddlers and infants a little easier on Modern Parenting’s Parentalk 2022. To RSVP, join all the fun games, and win some prizes, sign up here! And don’t forget, to give a #HealthyStartBabySkinDeserves so that you can #GrowTogether.

Want to learn more about Gentle Parenting? Check it out here!

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