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Benny Tantoco, Co-Founder of Rustans Group Passes Away at 100 Years Old

Lolo Benny leaves behind a legacy and a zest for life that is unmatched

Earlier this morning, 6 July 2021, the Philippines lost Amb. Bienvenido R. Tantoco Sr., patriarch of the family behind Rustan’s and former ambassador to the Vatican. He had just celebrated his 100th birthday this year. Throughout the years, Amb. Tantoco Sr. received awards and accolades for his outstanding business achievements and societal contributions. Beyond his reputation, he is mostly admired for his love for God, family,
friends, and his extended family of staff and employees.

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Remembering Lolo Benny

Photo courtesy: @donnietantoco via Instagram

In his article for Lifestyle Asia, his grandson, Donnie Tantoco, says that it was amazing that his Lolo Benny, nearing his 100th birthday, seemed yet so ready to move on but also so eager to still live each day to the fullest. Lolo Benny’s biggest secret? Treating each day as a gift and opportunity.

Building a legacy

Photo courtesy: @donnietantoco via Instagram

In 1952, Rustan’s was founded in the elegant living room of Gliceria Rustia and Bienvenido Tantoco, also known as Glecy and Benny in San Marcelino, Paco, Manila. The couple brought back beautiful and unique products from their trips abroad to show their friends, which garnered rave reviews. Their venture turned out to be a success, which lead to the opening of their very first store. Over six decades later, the shop has evolved into the retail giant Rustan’s we all know and love.

Amb. Benny leaves behind his children Rico Tantoco and wife Nena; Nedy Tantoco and long time partner Patrick Jacinto; Menchu T. Lopez and husband Jun; Marilou T. Pineda and husband Eddie; Marilen Tantoco; Maritess T. Enriquez and husband Renato. He was a beloved grandfather and great grandfather. He was a loving grandfather, particularly to Donnie Tantoco, MJ Tantoco, and Chris Tantoco, who he fondly considered as his sons.

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