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Best Hairstyles For 2021

What’s in and what’s out in the world of hair, plus mom-friendly lewks!

With a brand new year ahead of us and with so many of life’s uncertainties unleashed in the last 10 months or so, what better way to move forward than with a new look? Raise your hand if you kept your hair up in a bun for most of 2020 because your layers weren’t managed, your roots were out of control and you were in dire need of hair treatments — several of them!

While we might be focusing on being hopeful without any expectations this year, what we do know is that 2021‘s most popular haircuts will be all about foolproof maintenance. At the same time, now is also the time to push buttons by going retro because #YOLO! Think curtain bangs, pixie cuts, mullets, and splashes of color!

The Hair Authority

With lockdowns in place, social distancing mandates and the overall hesitation of going out, most of us want to keep our salon visits minimal due to fluctuating COVID-19 restrictions, so easy breezy it is.

We contacted the dynamic duo and L’Oréal Pro Philippines ambassadors, Jude Hipolito and Rose Velasco of JURO Salon Exclusif for their 2021 hair forecast that parents, and kids, can explore — whether we are looking for low maintenance styles or trendy ones.

The Forecast

For haircuts, we have to keep in mind that while most of us are working from home and are homeschooling our kids, we still want to look presentable when we have to jump on Zoom meetings or PTCs (parent-teacher conferences), or just to make ourselves feel good. Just because we are at home, it doesn’t mean we can’t style our tresses and do the occasional blowout.

Haircuts make all the difference

Precision cutter, Jude Hipolito says that wash and wear is the name of the game. Think bobs, layers, a seamless look that transitions from wet to a wavy mess that looks sexy, instead of unkempt.

Effortless Bobs 

2021 Hair Forecast - Effortless Bobs

Ranging from short bobs to long bobs or LOBs, this effortless look is precisely cut to suit one’s features and complement all face shapes – round, long, heart, square, and oval faces too! The hair is softly textured to grow out well, going from a short to medium length bob, or medium bob to a LOB.

Invisible Layers 

2021 Hair Forecast - Invisible Layers

For subtle volume, invisible layers are softly textured layers that appear one-length when straight, and textured when messed up or curled. Achieved with the dry-cutting technique, invisible layers look lighter, adding more natural movement that looks effortless, low-key messy, but super stylish.

Sexy Pixies 

2021 Hair Forecast - Sexy Pixies

If you want to be bold and go for gold, a sexy pixie might just be the ‘do for you! A short, classic and feminine cut for women of all ages, face shapes, hair textures and skin tones, pixie cuts create that tousled effect through cropping of layers. A bold fashion statement if you dare, this wash and wear style only requires your fingers and very little product for texturizing and styling.

Effortless Men’s Cuts 

Best Hairstyles For 2021 - Effortless Men Cuts

These days, we have seen men sporting long hair, man buns, ponytails, the works, while some are rocking crew cuts and buzz cuts — thanks to DIY services at home! For 2021, Jude says that haircuts for men have to look good even when they are growing out. Gone are the days when twice-a-month visits to the barbers were the norm. Now, once every two months is more like it.

Whether you’re rocking a Jason Momoa mane, an Orlando Bloom man bun, or an Adam Levine buzz cut, finding the right hair style to suit your head shape, and taking into consideration your lifestyle and profession are some of the ways to determine what could work for you.

For a more professional look, short, barber-cut sides and back, with longer layered top to longer layered hair is the best way to go because even when your hair grows out, it will look like it’s still current — and not one that will have people reaching for some clippers to hand over to you. 

Color is life

A good haircut will not do you any favours without the right hair color. The two always have to be complementing. Master colorist, Rose Velasco tells us that when choosing hair colors for 2021, low maintenance is recommended. Or you go big and bold, and make those salon visits worth it.

Hybrid Balayage 

2021 Hair Forecast - Hybrid Balayage

A method that combines French balayage (free-hand coloring) and foilwork coloring to achieve multi-dimensional color patterns, this is totally “pandemic-proof” and will grow out well without the exaggeration of roots. Through thin slices of hair alternated in foils and balayage around the entire head, the final look is one that is root-friendly and will definitely minimize salon visits, and it looks great on video calls too!


2021 Hair Forecast - Brondes

For a more natural color scheme, combining browns, such as toffees, caramels or chocolates with cooler or nude blondes achieve the best end result especially when the color is worn out. Hair looks less brassy and more sandy over time, and the growth looks more natural at the root level with the hybrid balayage method. 

Bold Colours

2021 Hair Forecast - Bold Colours

For those who opt to go for bold, bright and happy colours to uplift our moods is the way to go. If you want to make those salon visits worth it — all in the name of maintenance — by all means, go big or go home.

The good news is: even if we are living in the time of a pandemic and spending most of our waking hours at home, we can always step up our hair game. Look, if we are truly going to keep things exciting in our own little ways, why not start with ourselves. Simple pleasures like getting our nails done, curling our hair and putting on makeup for a Zoom call, running an errand or just because, doesn’t just provide some sense of normalcy but it’s also an instant pick me upper! And with 2021 in our midst, it should be out with the old and in with the new. So, give your glam squad a call right away and book that salon appointment! Enjoy.

All photos are c/o JURO Salon Exclusif. JURO Salon Exclusif by Jude Hipolito & Rose Velasco is located at Kensington Place, #2D 1st Avenue corner 29th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. Mobile # (0920)904-4645 and 

IG: jurosalonexclusif

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