We Scream For Ice Cream

Our favorite creamy childhood treat, but make it extra— these 12 ice cream brands have interesting flavors you have to try, and they deliver!

The scorching summer season is upon us. Frolicking and getaways may have come to a screeching halt (for now), but thankfully, there are still a few other things we can look forward to that can give us all the summer feels. One of them being our favorite comfort treat— ice cream. 

We’ve found an intriguing collection of local artisanal brands that offer one-of-a-kind flavors that’s sure to make you do a happy dance.

12 of our favorite ice cream brands

1. Merry Moo

Merry Moo is premium ice cream made fresh using non-UHT (ultra heat treated) dairy, which keeps the milk and cream unaltered, and retains its nutritional content. They churn for creative flavors that aim to excite and delight the taste buds. Since none of us are jet setting off anytime soon, let them take you on an international trip, one scoop at a time by trying their different flavors from all over Asia. Top favorites include Thai Milk Tea, Almond Lychee, and White Choco Green Tea! 

2. Manila Creamery

Manila Creamery‘s homegrown gelato is proudly crafted using timeless techniques and boasts a Filipino flair like no other. Local favorites like Mangga’t Suman, Chocnut Crumble, Salted Egg Cheesecake, Kamote Cue, and Peachapie Sorbet are just a few of their flavors that get raving reviews. They also have non-dairy options, and the simpler go-to choices which make this an easy pick if you’re looking for a little something for everyone to enjoy. 

3. Carmen’s Best

Nothing less than pure indulgence, Carmen’s Best has made it their personal mission to put a smile on your face. Inspired by travel and happiness, their unique flavors stem from personal experiences and focus on high quality ingredients. They’ve got Birthday Cake, Vietnamese Coffee, Cereal Milk, Brown Butter Almond Brittle and so much more, which you can order in pints or smaller cups for the kiddos.

4. Sebastian’s Ice Cream

Dubbed the premier artisanal ice cream in Manila, Sebastian’s Ice Cream have covered all the bases. They’ve got ice cream in every form we love, and their mind blowing flavors just put them over the edge. Their local selection includes Sapin-Sapin, Champorado and Dilis, Green Mango and Bagoong (what?!), and Once In A Blue Moon (Blue Cheese Ice Cream). Aside from their regular scoops of ice cream they’ve also got Chilly Burgers (ice cream sandwiches), Dive Bars, Fruitsicles, Poppits (bite sized ice cream balls dipped in chocolate!!!), and Ice Cream Cakes. Each category comes with its own set of flavors that’s sure to spark curiosity and satisfaction. You’ll just have to try it to believe it. 

5. Kurīmu

Homegrown and handcrafted by artisan Pinoys, Kurimu truly captures the authentic flavors of Japan. Noted for their creamy and silky texture, ice cream fanatics created a buzz when they launched just last year. They’ve got Shoyu Caramel, Red Bean, Matcha, Black Sesame, and a collaboration with Yardstick Coffee in the form of Kohi Cream. Take your pick. 

6. Mad Mark’s Creamery

Founded in Kapitolyo, Pasig, Mad Mark’s Creamery has expanded into a full blown restaurant, but their roots in ice cream is what made their mark. Homemade from scratch with only the finest ingredients, guaranteed to give you a luscious experience with every spoonful. Notable flavors include Walnut Cinnamon, Cookie Malt, Salted Caramel Clover, and Half-Baked Madagascar. 

7. Papa Diddi’s Handcrafted Ice Cream

Bearing the name of a father that affectionately handcrafted ice cream for his children, the love and celebration for his craft lives on. Papa Diddi’s flavors are made possible with the partnerships they carry from local farmers and their bountiful harvests, which adds an even more feel-good vibe to their story. They’ve got four different kinds of coffee flavors and seven chocolate concoctions— all distinct to a particular region in the country. They also offer unique flavors such as Toasted Forbidden Rice, Roasted Sunflower Seeds, Quezo Blanco (Kesong Puti),  Davao Meets Bicol (chocolate with sili) and Jackfruit Madness. 

8. Farmacy Ice Cream and Soda Fountain

Branching off from their mother brand, Wildflour, Farmacy has been a go-to for sweet tooths all around the metro. Inspired by the turn of the 20th century ice cream parlors and soda fountains, they offer fresh homemade ice cream, milkshakes, ice cream floats, and sundaes. Their original ice cream flavors consist of timeless favorites that really warrant interest— Apple Pie, Banana Salted Caramel, Candied Bacon, Moonshine, and Rum & Raisin are just a few of their array of choices. Farmacy won’t be able to cure disease, but it’s here to heal and soothe any weary soul.

9. Carousel Creamery

With an incredible display of 101 flavors, there’s something to be found for everybody at Carousel Creamery. The kicker: You can order half-gallons with 2-4 flavors in one tub! Their best sellers are S’mores, Avocashew, and Speculoos— if that helps narrow it down at all. Some of the more interesting variants are Game of Turons, Lasing na Lychee Sorbet, Marshmallow Mint Fudge, Unicorn Dreams, and Ube Pastillas. 

10. The Lost Bread

Bringing us back to the best of our childhood, The Lost Bread is a must-try for the playful and curious. With ingenious collaborations and imaginative combinations, they’ve got a selection that makes it difficult to order just one.  How do you decide between Lily’s Peanut Butter Brownie Fudge and Banana Cue? They’ve also collaborated with ChocNut (the real one), Haw Haw Milk Candy, and have interesting flavors in their roster like Espasol, Mango Graham, and Fun Fair Popcorn. 

11. Crèm Gelato

A success story of passion turned to purpose, Crem Gelato means business. With the determination to spread joy and the drive for perfection, their inventive flavors are sure to hit the spot. Try their Basque Burnt Fior, Nori White, Dark Matter Arabica, or the Waffle Hazelnut. Reviews are pouring in and they all have one thing in common— the experience went beyond their expectations. 

12. Arce Dairy

A veteran in the ice cream game, Arce Dairy have been using the same techniques while maintaining quality over the span of seven decades.  Their gourmet taste and all-natural ingredients is just part of a lasting legacy that’s been shared for generations. Try their new supreme flavors like Atis Delight, Choco Orange Peel, and Blueberry Cheesecake. If you’re feeling nostalgic, go for a classic childhood fave. Either way, it’s satisfaction guaranteed.


I know it’s a tough decision to make. Don’t panic, because you can always order more! Make some space in the freezer because this is an investment that works for both good times and the not-so-great days.

Be sure to check in with their respective pages for delivery and availability.

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