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Bianca Gonzalez: Kids Know Best, Too!

In an Instagram post, Bianca Gonzalez shared stories of how her daughters Lucia and Carmen calmed her down, reminding herself that kids’ feelings are also valid.

There is a saying that mothers know best but Bianca Gonzalez recently found out that sometimes kids know better as well when she and her daughters had one of their mother-daughter discussions.

In an Instagram post, the mother of two wrote that every day, Lucia and Carmen teach her to be better.

“The other day, on the way home from school, Carmen discovered that her drink had no straw attached to it. We also hadn’t brought her usual steel straw, and she was insistent that we give her her straw,” Bianca wrote.

“She was overwhelmed with how she felt and started crying and kicking, demanding [for] her straw. I told her to wait until we get home, but she kept whining and wasn’t hearing anything at that point. I tried my best to keep my cool despite the meltdown, but I failed. I raised my voice and told Carmen off and instantly felt terrible [after]. Carmen continued to cry, but everyone was silent. Lucia then went closer to me and started tapping my forehead lightly using her pointer and middle finger, with a concerned look on her face.”

Where Lucia learned the tap

Bianca Gonzalez wrote that every day, she asks Lucia what she has learned from school. According to Lucia, she learned the importance of tapping on the forehead from her teacher.

“She [the teacher] said that when any of them would be too loud or disruptive, [the] teacher would gently remind them to practice self-control by tapping two fingers on their forehead,” Bianca shared.

“As Lucia tapped my forehead, my heart melted. I teared up as I gave her a big hug and told her, ‘Thank you for reminding mommy to do better.'”

The TV host then said that after the talk, she apologized to Carmen for losing her temper.

“She hugged me in the tightest hug ever, and went on with her day, ” Bianca wrote.

Parents can learn from kids, too!

Bianca Gonzalez ended her post with the famous line Mothers know best.

“In my 7 years of being a mom, I’ve come to realize that I have my version of that famous line: Mothers know best a lot of times, but there are times that kids know best, too.”

So yes, parents, we can learn from kids as well.

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