Attention Bookworms! Booksale is now Online

Parents and their kids can now log on to the Booksale to check out and order the books they want!

There is some good news for parents and their kids who love buying books. Popular book chain Booksale announced on Monday, January 17 that customers can now avail the books they want directly from them.

All those who are interested need to do is to chat with Booksale’s customer service via messenger to inquire about books that are available. They can choose the mode of payment they want and the contact details needed.

The book can be either delivered or picked up in any of the Booksale branches.

Going digital

Booksale’s announcement comes as more Filipinos rely on online orders due to the restrictions brought by the pandemic. Other bookstores such as National Bookstore, Fully Booked, and other bookstore chains have been offering online orders even before the pandemic hit.

Booksale is a local bookstore that sells old and new books, magazines, and supplies at affordable prices. They have various stores in the Metro and part of the Philippines.

Last year, they announced that they were selling books on Shopee.

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