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Build a Dad’s Handyman Tool Box with BuildHouse Depot

Even though Father’s Day is over, it would still be nice to give dad a present especially if it would help maintain the house.

Usually, it’s dad who’s the handyman. Whenever something breaks in the house, the first person we holler for is him. And without the right tools, even dad would get discouraged from keeping the house in one piece. All the more if dad has a hobby that involves a lot of industrial-grade material! At BuildHouse Depot, here are some of the things he can find to make his role as a handyman easier and his hobbies more fun to do!

1. Evo BondSuper Glue

Whether for the soles of shoes, hooks for frames, mirrors, or even model kits he wants to build, BuildHouse Depot has the Evo BondSuper Glue to make sure the pieces stay together. Especially if his personal project involves building dioramas, superglue makes sure all the pieces stay in place. Available in 3g, 10g, and 50g sizes, it’s perfect for dad to keep either in his tackle toolbox, glove compartment, or sometimes, even his closet.

2. Omega Angle Grinder

If dads are into machines, and cars, or run a machine shop that repurposes large galvanized iron (GI) sheets, they’ll probably appreciate the Omega Angle Grinder. Think of it as large, automated sandpaper that can eventually turn into a metal cutter. It grinds away the sharp edges of metal, wood, or concrete and can even be used to slice them in half.

3. Omega Impact Drill

If there’s no space on the floor then, better to suspend them on the wall. Moms love hanging mirrors, paintings, or floating shelves to keep the floor uncluttered. So what better gift to give dad than an Omega Impact Drill so he’s not spending hours hammering or carving into the concrete wall? And if dad’s into upcycling old furniture, the Omega Impact Drill’s 800W motor is strong enough to bore holes or drill screws through solid wood pieces.

4. Omega Tape Measure

“Always measure before starting” – every handyman dad who’s tinkered with machines all their lives or a frustrated engineer will insist. They usually have a variety of measuring tools from a t-square, a caliper, a ruler, a protractor, and even a level ruler! But these are usually for things that have hard corners and lines. A tape measure will definitely work for objects that have softer curves or for places that are too high for them to reach.

5. Omega Sandpaper

While the angle grinder is used for bigger objects, sandpaper is perfect for smaller projects or those with tight corners that the angle grinder can’t get too. Akin to a nail file and easier to pack, the omega sandpaper’s perfect for dads who want to smoothen up wooden edges or take of the little stubs from the model kits’ pieces after cutting them off the rack.

6. Omega Woolmax Paint Roller

When a painter’s not available, it’s dad to the rescue with a paint roller! With the Omega Woolmax Paint Roller, its premium wool brushes make sure that it leaves a spray-like finish and no hairs behind in the paint. Available in mini sizes (4 inches and 6 inches) and regular sizes (7 inches and 9 inches), the paint rollers can come with its own handle or just with the rollers to replace the another.

7. Spartan Flashband

Most often used for plugging up leaks and pipes, the Spartan Flashband usually works with metal washers or sealing rings in faucets or pipes. While most plumbers and handymen rely on teflon tape, it doesn’t last very long especially after years of weathering down and it can be difficult to replace. At least with the Spartan Flashband, it’s high UV-resistant and water-resistant properties will make it last for a long time on various surfaces.

BuildHouse Depot: Making dad’s job as a handyman easier

What discourages some dads from fixing the house is the amount of work they have to do because they’re not equipped with the proper tools. Although they can be resourceful, that doesn’t mean it’s frustrating to do. Like if they’re trying to bore a hole into a wall, they’re not going to spend all day chipping away at the wall with a hammer and nail like one of those ancient sculptors!

And at BuildHouse Depot, everything’s narrowed down to whatever dad needs to make his life as a handyman easier. Check out the rest of the selection on Lazada or Shoppee!

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