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Camille Prats to Married Couples: Don’t Give Up on One Another

Camille and her husband VJ Yambao, who have been sharing their experience as a married couple in church, remind couples to constantly work on their relationship.

Married couples go through ups and downs, and there have been times when one wants to give up. But in a sea of broken marriages and relationships, it’s important to go back to the purpose as to why they made that commitment.

Camille Prats recently took to Instagram to share her observation on stories she heard about married couples giving up on each other. “Nowadays, it is easier for a husband and wife to call it quits when things get rough,” the former child actress and mother of three wrote. “Thinking, maybe he/she isn’t the right one then finds somebody else who will treat him/her better. But what if the next person you choose to be with also has flaws you can’t tolerate? After all, no one is perfect.”

Citing an example of a car’s part that’s broken and can be fixed, one doesn’t have to throw and buy a new car. She then pointed out that marriage is always about making it work and communicating with one another. “God gave us our spouses to be a blessing to us, to sanctify us and change us.”

Camille Prats on protecting the marriage

Camille continued the post by saying that she and VJ have been sharing their experience as a couple in several talks in their church to help couples as much as they can.

“The family is the basic unit of society, marriages get attacked by the imperfections of this world, [and] the moment we allow it to break us, the greatest enemy of this world gets a foothold on tearing down the safest sanctuary of every son and daughter that will greatly impact their lives,” she said.

She added, “Be intentional in protecting your marriage. It is your covenant (unbreakable promise) to our Father.”

Camille Prats and VJ Yambao
Source: camilleprats and vjyambao1 Instagram

It takes two to tango

Camille’s advice may be simple, but not everyone believes in sticking for the sake of their faith or kids. After all, when one commits to a relationship, it’s a give and take for both parties. As partners, one must follow the steps to make the movements work. It’s not a solo thing after all.

Communication is also essential to make the relationship work. Arguments and fights will always happen. But in the end, when one calms down and talks to the other person, they will see each other’s point of view.

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