Candy Dizon: The Mother of Two is Lifestyle Asia’s New Editor-in-Chief

One of the oldest magazines in the country will have a renowned jeweler and mother of two as its editor-in-chief.

Lifestyle Asia is looking forward to welcoming its new editor-in-chief. As a title that has exemplified going beyond luxury living for over three decades, Candy Dizon fits the role perfectly.

“Being offered the position is a major challenge. But taking on big challenges offers the best rewards. So it’s an honor and a privilege to be part of the Lifestyle Asia family,” she states.

Lifestyle Asia has always featured stories of society’s personalities. Moreover, the title showcases art, culture, fashion, and the accouterments of refined and gracious living.

Candy Dizon is no stranger to the local luxury scene

As one of the country’s most renowned jewelers, Candy knows the Philippine luxury scene quite well. She heads her late mother’s empire, Jul B. Dizon Jewelry, with her siblings—Cedric, Janina, Christopher, and sisters-in-law Lucille and Ginny.

Simultaneously, Candy was a fashion contributor and columnist of Lifestyle Asia’s stablemate and is one of the top columnists of OneMega.com (OMC).

“Lifestyle Asia is the oldest magazine in the country. Well-respected editors have led it since the beginning. With the brand’s new direction to go global, there are many tasks to be accomplished. I need someone dedicated to the brand. This is to ensure our vision becomes a reality,” says Archie Carrasco, CEO of One Mega Group.

“Candy has grown with Lifestyle Asia. She has been featured countless times in the magazine. One can say that Lifestyle Asia is genuinely in her DNA. Aside from her status, background, and global connections, Candy is at a point in her life where she wants to give back. She wants to provide meaningful content to the next generation. Beyond luxury living.”

candy dizon

Lifestyle Asia on a global stage

Under Candy Dizon’s leadership, Archie Carrasco is optimistic about the publication soaring higher. “I am excited. I’m looking forward to experiencing the title from a new perspective. It’s time for a Filipino magazine to be seen worldwide. And with Candy at the helm, Lifestyle Asia will be the pioneer.”

With the Philippines’ first luxury publication under her wing, Candy Dizon will continue introducing people of substance and experiences that readers have yet to explore. In fact, this was something she has already accomplished at OMC.

New energy for Lifestyle Asia

Peewee Isidro-Reyes, One Mega Group’s Vice President for Content, can’t wait to see what Candy brings to the table as well.

“Candy Dizon and her family have appeared in Lifestyle Asia numerous times. They have grown up with the brand. Her experience and expertise in bespoke luxury pieces have allowed her mastery of what appeals to the market. Aside from her know-how in jewelry, her fine taste is innate. It includes points of interest such as travel, fashion, and home. These are pillars that make up the brand.”

Additionally, Pewee believes Candy is adept with the emerging youth. “She cuts across generations. Candy will definitely bring new energy to Lifestyle Asia. She is an accomplished creative who knows the value of meaningful storytelling as well. And she has a unique point of view. We are excited to see how she can take the brand further.”

Candy Dizon will begin her new role as Lifestyle Asia’s editor-in-chief this August 2022.

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