Is Cartoon Network Shutting Down? No, It’s Not!

Many of us spent our childhoods watching cartoons from the big channel network. Here’s what we know so far.

With the hashtag #RIPCartoonNetwork suddenly trending on X, many of us millennial parents were probably curious: what could possibly knock down such a fixture in the animation industry? Most of our childhood was spent watching cartoons from the channel giant and so long as there are kids, cartoons will be needed. However, Cartoon Network clarified that they are NOT shutting down.

But this doesn’t change how our kids’ and our many favorite cartoons eventually stopped airing: the loss of animators and storyboard writers.

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RIPCartoonNetwork: How the viral trend started

The trend started with a short video posted by Animation Workers Ignited on July 9, 2024, which eventually became viral on both X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram.

Unfortunately, what was originally a video that aimed to bring awareness about the animation industry then resulted in an extreme twist of narrative. Some readers interpreted that the network giant was dying and thus began to comment and share their favorite old cartoons.

“Infinity Train, that show was so great, and showed how cartoons can show a fantastic message for both kids and adults #ripcartoonnetwork,” one commented on the thread of Animation Workers Ignited’s post.

“I genuinely wish the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy was still around………. I shouldn’t give them ideas,” remarks Vended lead singer Griffin Taylor.

However, many millennials had already considered Cartoon Network “essentially dead” a long time ago when some of their favorite cartoons didn’t end with a proper finale for the series. Teen Titans (which was replaced by Teen Titans Go!), Steven Universe, Code Name Kids Next Door are just some of the series that many feel didn’t end properly.

Photo from jellybox_studio Instagram

Highlighting the issues in the animation industry

Whether we like it or not, these animations and cartoons are what made the tablets and smartphones into our kids’ digital yayas: their compelling stories and relatable characters got them (and sometimes us) emotionally invested. Writers, animators, and artists poured their heart and soul into the creations that shared messages that resonated with our feelings and sometimes, experiences. And without these people, Cartoon Network may end up indeed shutting down!

However, the struggle is real for many parents who’ve worked in the creatives industry. Balancing what one wants to genuinely create with what immediately makes money and captures an audience can burn that passion out. Is there any way to thank these animators, writers, and artists? Look for their art accounts and react with a heart, a like, or a comment. The algorithm gets them out there!

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