Check Out How These 5 Celebrities Are Embracing Parenthood

Being a mom or dad takes a lot of patience. For celebrities who are used to having personal assistants at their beck and call, being a hands-on parent will take some time getting used to. Playing mother and father roles from reel to real is quite a task. But for these famous folks, an Oscar, Grammy, or Ballon dÓr can not compare to being the Best Mom/Dad for their children.

Here are 5 celebrity parents going the extra mile for their children.

Jennifer Garner, mother to Samuel (6), Seraphina (9), and Violet (12)

Being a mother to three kids can be a handful. And Jennifer literally got her hands full this week. Yesterday, the 13 Going on 30 star took to Instagram to show her followers how much cargo is left in the car after driving with her kids. Fellow celebrity mom Jenna Dewan even commented “Yep!!!” on the post.

Ben Affleck, the father of her children have also been known to praise Jennifer on several occasions even calling her a “super-mom”for all the hard work she’s done for their kids.

For sure, most moms who need their children preoccupied in long drives can relate. From books, to clothes, to toys, children need a lot of different things to make themselves feel comfortable during any road trip. And when you’re as hands-on as Jennifer, the struggle (or in this case juggle) is as real as it gets.

Chrissy Teigen, mother to Luna (2) and Miles (2 months)

The gorgeous model was in Bali with husband John Legend and their kids this week. The family was having a great time at the beach when a winged insect landed at her arm. She even showed it to her daughter Luna and the two talked about how “nice” the insect was.

But nice doesn’t exactly describe the tarantula hawk wasp. The insect is known to have one of the most painful stings in the insect kingdom. And that sting can paralyze the affected area. The insect is known to lay its eggs on tarantulas. And when the eggs hatch, the young wasps eat the body of the tarantula they lived in.

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Luckily, Chrissy didn’t have to learn her lesson the hard way. And though it’s only been two years, Chrissy knows she has a lot more to learn. And from her posts and her tweets, we know that she’s doing her best to take care of her two wonderful children – even from insects.

Madonna, mother to Lourdes (21), Rocco (17), David and Mercy (12), and Estere and Stelle (5)

In an interview with Vogue Italia, the mother of six talked about how she has embraced her “inner soccer mom“. The songstress who has since made Portugal home for her family talked about her son David’s passion for football. And as mothers know best, Madonna made sure to have her son’s football dreams come to reality.

The move was apparently for David to learn football from the world’s best players. Portugal, is home to world-famous player Cristiano Ronaldo. So far, the four young children have learned to adapt in Lisbon – learning Portuguese and immersing themselves to the culture.

The award-winning singer even joked, “It’s impossible to make plans, and then you feel like you’re not being fair to your other kids, or being fair to me!” And even as journalists teased on David being the next international football star, Madonna remains humble by saying that that is just “cherry on top of the cake.”

Portugal Lost! ⚽?⚽?⚽???♥ We are Sad! #beautifulgame

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 Nicole Kidman, mother to Isabella (25), Connor (23), Sunday (10), and Faith (7)

More insects. But this time, the Australian in Nicole Kidman knew exactly what she had to do to protect her children. The Big Little Lies star was enjoying an afternoon with her children when she caught a tarantula trying to go to the pool. She even posted the video on Instagram.

You can hear Sunday and Faith screaming “Get back, Mom! Get back!” in the background. Eventually after using a tin lid and a glass to catch the eight-legged creature, the kids ask their mom “It’s a tarantula. Right, mom?” The multi-awarded actress even updated her followers through the video’s caption, saying that the tarantula was “released unharmed and healthy.”

With mothers around, children feel safe and secure. Nicole’s maternal instincts was truly admirable. She was calm and collected so as not to scare her children who were clearly afraid of the spider. Perhaps her kids inspired her Emmy award-winning portrayal of a loving mother in Big Little Lies.

David Beckham, father to Brooklyn (19), Romeo (15), Cruz (13), Harper (7)

We all know of David Beckham’s adorable antics when it comes to parenting. Both David and wife Victoria have been known to be remarkable parents, keeping their children grounded and making sure they don’t grow up spoiled. Yesterday, David once again proved how close he is to her daughter Harper – by cutting her hair himself.

In an Instagram post, the LA Galaxy player is seen cutting his daughter’s long locks. Harper is now sporting shorter hair – from waist-length to shoulder-length. Apparently, David is a fan of her long hair and expressed his sadness on the post’s caption – “Someone’s happy & someone’s not happy.” And from the looks of it, it’s obvious who was happy and who isn’t.

It takes skill to know how to cut your children’s hair. Maybe David is as good a football player as he is a hairdresser. Nevertheless, the picture shows how much Harper trusts him in making sure she stays pretty as always.

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