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Celebrity BLINKs: Celebrity Parents and Kids at the BLACKPINK Concert

Wondering which celebrity parents and kids attended the BLACKPINK concert?

BLACKPINK became a sensation as a K-Pop group and has a big following here in the Philippines. Many of their songs are catchy, they perform them in two languages, and they have style. The best part is, each member has her charm that has celebrity parents and kids jumping up and enjoying the show. And as of the latest BLACKPINK concert, here are the celebrities who attended.

1. Team Kramer (Doug, Kendra, and Scarlett)

Doug, Kendra, and Scarlett Kramer at BLACKPINK Born Pink Tour in Manila 2023

With Kendra and Scarlett Kramer being Blinks, celebrity dad Doug Kramer joined in originally to play “bodyguard” for his two girls. But it looks like he enjoyed the concert, too, as he also posted a photo of himself with the two girls, “I came as a bodyguard but came out entertained!” He also joked while tagging Chesca Kramer that his bias was Rose.

2. Rey and Ayesha Soldevilla

Rey and Ayesha Kurdi at BLACKPINK Born Pink Tour in Manila 2023

Although “Start-Up PH” star and celebrity mom Yasmien Kurdi couldn’t make it, she was happy enough to see her husband, Rey Soldevilla, and her daughter, Ayesha, enjoy the BLACKPINK concert.

3. John Prats, Isabel Oli-Prats, and Feather

Isabel Oli and Feather at BLACKPINK Born Pink Tour in Manila 2023

Celebrity parents John Prats and Isabel Oli-Prats joined their daughter, Feather, at the BLACKPINK concert. It’s a memory she’ll treasure for sure. She writes in another post on her Instagram documenting their trip, “#Parenting never looked so good. If you’re looking for moments that will last a lifetime, share them with your family and friends.”

4. Gian Sotto, Joy Sotto, and Amari

Gian Sotto, Joy Sotto, and Amari at BLACKPINK Born Pink Tour in Manila 2023

Gian and Joy Sotto were not going to let their unica hija, Amari, go alone. In Joy’s Instagram post, she also added that BLACKPINK was her first-ever concert. According to them, they got lucky when someone gave them four tickets. One for Amari, him, Joy, and one of the brothers who tagged along to play bodyguard.

5. Janella Salvador

Janella Salvador and Jane de Leon at BLACKPINK Born Pink Tour in Manila 2023
Source: Janella Salvador IG Stories

Celebrity mom Janella Salvador joined up with celebrity pawrent Jane De Leon and danced the night away to some catchy BLACKPINK tunes.

6. Pia Guanio and Steve Mago

Pia Guanio and Steve Mago at BLACKPINK Born Pink Tour in Manila 2023

It looks like celebrity mom Pia Guanio Mago brought her whole family to the BLACKPINK concert. But not just the immediate family, Even Steve Mago’s sister’s family joined them for the vast gathering.

Celebrity parents can enjoy BLACKPINK, too!

Some believe that BLACKPINK is a rhythm and tune “too young” for them. But these celebrity parents (even the dads!) enjoyed the energy and rhythm the group showcased in the Philippine Arena. Besides, who said parents can’t enjoy a concert or two? Music is for everyone and there’s no denying the “concert high” once it starts!

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