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3 Celebrity Parents Who Kept Their Pregnancies Away from the Public

They may be young celebrity parents but they are definitely enjoying their life with their kids.

Celebrities getting pregnant are not new but keeping it from the public has been a challenge in the social media era. These celebrity parents, however, managed to keep it away from the prying eyes for a year or so.

Since these three couples announced they were parents, fans have been checking out how they’ve been raising their children despite the public scrutiny. Here’s a look at the new generation of celebrity parents.

Celebrity Parents Who Kept Their Pregnancies Away from the Public

Sofia Andres and Daniel Miranda

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In June 2020, actress Sofia Andres introduced her daughter, Zoe, to the public on Father’s Day. Zoe’s father is Daniel Miranda, a race car driver.

In an Instagram post, Sofia said that she is grateful to have Daniel by her side as they navigate the journey as parents.

“I’m so grateful that I have you by my side because you have brought so much color and adventure into my world. Not only that, but you have also been part of giving me my greatest happiness—our little angel.”

Zoe, who was born in Australia, will turn 2-year-olds this month. Sofia is currently seen on television in the teleserye La Vida Lena starring alongside Erich Gonzales.

Janella Salvador and Markus Paterson

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On January 5, Janella Salvador and Markus Paterson introduced their son, Jude, who was born in the UK on October 20, 2020. They announced the news via a video on YouTube.

In an interview with Maja Salvador days after they introduced Jude, Janella explained their decision to keep the pregnancy quiet despite the rumors that hounded them.

We were supposed to announce him nung Christmas but we realized na parang mas okay na New Year. Parang yung feeling na it’s a new beginning, new life… and we’re ready to show him to the world. Kasi all we wanted lang naman was to cherish the first few moments with him. Yung kami-kami lang,” Janella said.

(We were supposed to announce him last Christmas but we realized it was better in New Year. The feeling is like a new beginning, a new life… and we’re ready to show him to the world. Because all we wanted was to cherish the first few moments with him.)

The singer-actress also said that they were not hiding Jude for “selfish” reasons. Markus in a separate interview shared that they knew that they will have to show Jude eventually to everyone.

“We knew that the world is very hard. Right now it’s not the best environment. Now it is but nung una, talagang (in the beginning) we want to shield him from everything and keep everything as quiet as possible,” he said.

The couple recently celebrated Jude’s first birthday.

McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson

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On October 31, McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson, who first met on Pinoy Big Brother in 2016, returned to the Big Brother House to give Kuya some news: they were already parents.

McCoy asked Kuya if he can be a godparent to their daughter, Felize. Kuya, of course, accepted the offer and even gave cute Pinoy Big Brother shirts to the couple and their daughter.

Following the announcement, Elisse and McCoy shared photos of their family. In an Instagram post, Elisse wrote that she was not sure of her purpose until Felize came into their lives.

Life was uncertain before you came. I didn’t know which path to take, the choices to make. I didn’t know what to be, what I want to be. Now, nothing is clearer to me than to be the best me, to be the best mommy, for you,” she said.

McCoy for his part promised he will be the best father to Felize and partner to Elisse.

Mamahalin kita nang higit pa sa sarili ko. At ngayon masayang masaya kami ng nanay mo na ipagmalaki ka sa buong mundo.”

(I will love you more than myself. And now, your mom and I are proud to show you to the world.)

The road to parenthood may be challenging for these couples but as they say when you find the right person to be with – sana all!

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