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Cetaphil Has an Upcoming Virtual Summit, and Cetaphil Baby is One of the Stars of the Event

This month, the trusted skincare brand by all parents is welcoming everyone to join the Skin Summit

When it comes to figuring out what’s best for our children, we usually rely on thorough research from reliable sources and consultations with industry experts, whether it’s about their nutrition, development, or even skincare. Yes, skincare is something we should already make certain that our kids are experiencing, even at a very young age. Cetaphil Baby provides the healthy start our baby’s skin needs with the nourishing and gentle formulas of each of its products.

Cetaphil Baby offers a wide range of products that are suitable for newborns to provide a healthy foundation for our baby’s long-term skin health. The Gentle Wash & Shampoo with Glycerin and Panthenol maintains our baby’s delicate skin while providing protective moisturization from head to toe, which is essential for the healthy development of the skin and scalp. Meanwhile, the Daily Lotion with Shea Butter hydrates it for up to 24 hours.

Ideal for toddlers, they also have a Shampoo with Natural Chamomile that helps restore the natural skin protection as it gently cleanses our kid’s hair and scalp, as well as the Gentle Cleansing Bar that contains Glycerin to protect skin against irritants. For babies needing extra care and protection, there’s the Moisturizing Bath & Wash with Aloe Vera & Almond Oil and Advanced Protection Cream with Organic Calendula.  The former is enriched with one-third baby lotion to keep even the most delicate skin well moisturized, while the latter is infused with Allantoin and Shea Butter to reduce the feeling of irritation and discomfort of dry, chafed skin.

Ready for some note-taking

This May is Sensitive Skin Awareness Month, and Cetaphil is inviting all of us to join their Skin CARE Summit, a virtual three-day event that will give the lowdown on the whats, whys, and hows of caring for sensitive skin, as well as other skin types. They will also feature different ambassadors and respected dermatologists to further push for the importance of consulting with experts who have already gone through years of learning. As parents, we should trust only the best of the best for our kids.

The main highlight of this year’s Skin Awareness Month is the Skin Summit, where Dermatologists and skinthusiasts share knowledge and experience across three days of themed discussions. On May 25, a board-certified Dermatologist and member of the Philippine Dermatological Society, Dr. Francesca Sy-Alvarado, will discuss sensitive skin and acne along with Bianca Gonzalez, Maggie Wilson, and Patricia Prieto, who will talk about routines for sensitive skin. The following day, another board-certified Dermatologist and member of the Philippine Dermatological Society, Dr. Jarische Lao-Ang, will go over the healthy ways to brighten skin, and she will be joined by Bea Alonzo, Laura Lehmann, Anne Curtis, and AC Bonifacio, who will share lifestyle-centric skincare. On the third and final day of the summit, a board-certified Dermatopathologist and a member of the Philippine Dermatological Society, Dr. Mara Evangelista-Huber, will impart her knowledge on the right foundation for baby’s skin health. Relevant topics on healthy food, play, and sleep will also be tackled by hands-on parents Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico, as well as brand ambassadors Mariel Padilla, Nikki Gil, and Patrick and Nikka Garcia, together with experts Dr. Marysia Recto and Ms. Ria Lopez.

Join the conversation at Cetaphil’s Skin Summit from May 25 to 27, 2022 by signing up here. Visit the brand’s Facebook page for more information.

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