Calling All Moms and Dads! This is What Happened at the Cetaphil Skin Summit

Not everyone had the chance to join the virtual event by Cetaphil, so we’re here to give you a rundown of what went down on day three

Cetaphil held its third and final day of their Skin Summit that celebrates Skincare Awareness Month, which raises awareness on how important it is to have a gentle skincare routine, as well as the best ways to ensure that we’re taking the right steps in caring for our skin. The first two days had esteemed guest speakers talk about one’s skin story, the signs of skin sensitivity, and enhancing one’s radiance, while the last one highlighted everything we needed to know about taking care of our baby’s skin.

Hosted by mom to a baby boy herself, Bea Fabregas opened the final leg of the summit by mentioning her own experiences of being a first-time mom who’s constantly worried about her child’s health. But with Cetaphil Baby, a parent’s worries are washed away with how gentle and effective each product is on a baby’s delicate skin.

Healthy baby, happy family

Before welcoming the guests for day three’s event, Bea shared her favorite Cetaphil Baby products that easily covers the basics of cleansing, moisturizing, and protecting. First up was the tear-free Gentle Wash & Shampoo that has a two-in-one formula perfect for washing her baby’s hair and body. Its rich lather gently cleanses their skin and leaves it soft and clean. Meanwhile, the Daily Lotion soothes, nourishes, and keeps her baby’s skin hydrated for up to 24 hours. Lastly, the Advanced Protection Cream protects her baby’s skin against irritation and discomfort.

Smooth like a baby’s bottom

Moving forward to discuss the four pillars of a healthy childhood, Bea officially welcomed board-certified dermatologist Dr. Mara Huber and Cetaphil Baby ambassadors Solenn and Nico Bolzico. To start off, Dr. Mara was asked about the first of four pillars, which was healthy skin, and why there was a specific way to care for a baby’s delicate skin, especially when he or she is still a newborn. She simply answered by saying that a baby’s skin is thinner than an adult’s skin, which makes them more prone to irritation. It also loses moisture faster that’s why they’re more vulnerable to having dry skin. And since a baby’s immune system is still developing, Dr. Mara added, “That’s why they’re also a little bit more prone to infections even on their own skin.”

“It’s very important to focus on [protecting] the skin barrier when it comes to skincare.”

Dr. Mara Huber on caring for a baby’s skin

Bea then asked Solenn and Nico to share if their daughter Tili has experienced any skin issues babies usually go through. According to Solenn, “Lucky for us, she hasn’t had allergies or anything, but she had cradle cap and acne, just like little small dots everywhere. We never experienced [Tili having] diaper rash.” Meanwhile, Nico added how Tili’s skin is very sensitive to mosquito bites that when she gets bitten, her skin really acts up. This is why aside from Cetaphil Shampoo, the Gentle Wash & Shampoo is also what they use when it’s time for Tili to take a bath, and then followed by the Daily Lotion.

Rock-a-bye baby

The second pillar discussed focused on healthy sleep, which led to the Bolzicos to share Tili’s bedtime routine. Thankfully, their daughter is a very good sleeper as the parenting duo have been very strict with training her, and that bathtime also means bedtime is coming up soon. Bea even asked them what they believe the benefits of their daughter having a good night’s sleep are, to which Solenn mentioned that whenever that’s the case, then the entire day afterwards will just be a breeze since they’re not just well rested, but are in a better mood as well. Consistency is key for Tili’s parents as Solenn is all about setting a strict bedtime, while Nico shared that constantly explaining to their daughter about the importance of sleep for her to enjoy what the next day has in store is what makes it easier for all of them.

“Everyone goes through their own challenges, their own journeys. It’s a matter of just enjoying it and understanding that it’s unique.”

Nico Bolzico on each one’s own parenthood journey

A kid’s favorite pastime

Healthy play was the third pillar, and Bea shared that being a parent of a baby can become nerve-wracking since she’s always on the lookout for what her kid is touching or may even be putting in his mouth during play time. Solenn herself can relate, which is why she makes sure Tili washes her hands with the Gentle Cleansing Bar even before she begins to play since she also interacts with other children, but lets her get as dirty or playful as she wants to also just enjoy her childhood.

“[How we let our kids play] is just different per parent, and I think it’s just important to accept that it’s just a learning process,” added by Dr. Mara who is also pretty cautious about making sure that her kids don’t accidentally get bruises or cuts here and there when they’re playing. Apart from sharing her own experiences, she also gave a few easy tips to help ensure that our baby’s skin stays healthy even during playtime: be aware of what can irritate our baby’s skin, be prepared for boo-boos or scratches, and to always wash our baby’s hands with a gentle soap or cleanser after they play.

“Kids will be kids so just let them play because playing is a very important way to learn.”

Dr. Mara Huber on a baby’s playtime

Yummy in their tummy

The last of the four pillars of a healthy childhood is healthy food as providing babies the healthy start they deserve also begins with the food they take in. Knowing that healthy food is a gateway to achieve healthy skin, Bea asked Solenn and Nico about how they ensure Tili gets the right nutrients as she grows older. Admittedly, they mentioned that Tili has become a bit of a picky eater nowadays, with her choosing ice cream over vegetables and protein like broccoli and eggs, but still enjoys some healthier meals consisting of beans and chayote.

Meanwhile, Dr. Mara shared that healthy food is essential to the growth and development of our kids, and that a nutritious diet benefits our entire body, including the skin. The nutrients kids need are very similar to that of an adult’s such as carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals. All those nutrients are also what makes the skin even healthier to function well, resist skin problems like irritation, and even recover faster from any injury our kids may sustain.

All in all, these four pillars are definitely what we as parents need to keep in mind so our children, may they be infants or toddlers, will grow up healthy, both inside and out.

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