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Cha Cruz Behag: How Working Out Helped Her Pregnancy

Volleyball coach, player, and now mom Cha Cruz Behag shares her insights about how working out has helped her during her pregnancy.

When there’s a new baby on the way, there are so many changes that it gets overwhelming. We start gaining extra weight, we start asking ourselves why we wanted kids in the first place and a whole lot of things. Come postpartum, we sometimes can’t look at ourselves in the mirror. Some moms wonder if they should have worked out while they were pregnant and volleyball coach and player mom Cha Cruz Behag shares how her working out helped her during her pregnancy.

The pressure of getting our old bodies back

While pregnant, Cha Cruz shows how work outs help her manage her feelings about the changes happening in her body.

Cha Cruz Behag’s no stranger to the pressure of moms wanting their old bodies back. With people posting themselves on social media, it’s difficult to avoid that feeling. “Yes, we oftentimes see perfect post-pregnancy bodies on Instagram or Facebook,” says Cha. “But aside from taking pictures from the right angles, I’m pretty sure moms did their part working out a lot and going into a healthy and balanced diet.”

That work usually occurs behind the scenes wherein there’s a lot of tears and frustrations. Especially when Leon Sol gets extra clingy, Cha knows the fuss and hustle when trying to achieve that goal of having her old body back. “Of course it’s hard to get back into shape. But just like pregnancy, getting back into shape might. Don’t rush things and don’t get frustrated if you don’t meet your set goal,” reassures Cha. “What’s important is that both you and your baby are healthy.”

Should pregnant women work out?

Cha Cruz Behag says that pregnant women can work out to make their bodies bounce back better.

Sometimes, pregnancy would make our bodies prefer to sleep things off. But Cha always wanted to stay fit even while she was pregnant. “It promotes muscle tone, strength, and endurance. I know our bodies go through a lot during pregnancy and I want my body to be ready for it, during and especially after giving birth. It boosts my overall mood and positive energy levels and it helps me get a good night’s sleep. But of course, I had to consult my OB first regarding working out and glad they allowed me to do it.”

While it does take a lot of work, Cha’s determination and motivation paid off in the end. “In my personal experience, my physical condition helped me in delivering my baby naturally and without the use of anesthesia or an epidural. I also had my sights on the stages after pregnancy and giving birth. That, if there was any chance I go back to playing volleyball, my body would be able to more easily bounce back and get myself in playing condition.”

Cha Cruz Behag: “Staying motivated is the key.”

While the lack of visible progress can be demotivating, Cha wants everyone to know that it does take time and not everyone has the same pace. “I know that it is difficult to always stay motivated but that’s already more than half of the secret to improving yourself in anything,” she assures. “For the most part, you also have to trust the process and never stop pushing yourself. Positive Progress happens over time. After giving birth, our bodies need the utmost respect to allow it its time to recover and at its own pace, so chill and take it easy.”

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