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Ciara Sotto: Blessings Despite Broken Dreams

Ciara Sotto strikes the ideal balance between prayer, play, and pole dancing in the time of a pandemic.

The list of things canceled since 2020 is endless. Best laid plans have been indefinitely put on hold. The world at large felt its way through a new way of living. For Ciara Sotto, a single mom, actress, singer, and Philippine Pole and Aerials Sports Association (PPASA) founder, doors shutting paved the way for new dreams to come into fruition. “God always has a purpose and makes sure all things work together for good. So those other plans that didn’t happen or were halted for a reason, in my case, made way for other things to materialize.”

Ciara Sotto on Her Passion Projects

Ciara Sotto details that in the past 18 months, passion projects that include the launch of her new YouTube channel allowed her to connect with more like-minded individuals despite being cooped up at home. She adds, “My cousin, Danica Sotto-Pingris, and I also introduced our community, PRINSESA, which aims to help out other women to love themselves more. PPASA was also finally recognized by the Philippine Olympic Committee.” Her endeavors are often informed and inspired by Ciara’s very own parenting and wellness journey. She advises, “Make time for yourself. To exercise, pray, have fun, and enjoy.”

Spending Time with Her Son Crixus

Her son, Crixus, has also been an integral part of Ciara’s dreams turning into reality. And he’s been Ciara Sotto’s constant throughout both the good and less-than-ideal days. He’s even made cameo appearances on her YouTube channel. “I enjoy including Crixus in my daily activities no matter how mundane. I love it that he helps out in tasks,” she muses. It’s in connecting with those nearest and dearest to her that Ciara finds a profound sense of joy and gratitude.

She ends, “I realized how much God has blessed me. And this time reinforced in me that people and relationships are more important than your broken dreams. That my family is more important than career and material things. And that everything here on earth is temporary, but love never ends. Enjoy each day with your child or children. Relish your time with your family. Be available to your friends and loved ones.”

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