Covid-19 Vaccination Perks: Here Are The Freebies and Major Discounts You’ll Get

We know it’s a little scary to get the vaccine but maybe this can convince you a little to at least look into getting vaccinated.

With the local governments of your cities and barangays slowly rolling out vaccination programs, we’re well on our way to make the Philippines safe again for our families. However, some people are still a little scared and you yourself might be skeptical. But it’s okay. We know that the stories of the side effects can be scary especially if you have an existing condition (i.e. diabetes, etc.). Although, if you don’t get vaccinated, you won’t be able to avail of these amazing perks.

The best Covid-19 Vaccination Perks, Freebies and Promos:

Ingat-Angat: Campaign to get people vaccinated and back to Normalcy

Because the economy’s been hit badly, many people have been struggling to provide for their families. It’s probably also been a nightmare for you too, wondering what would happen if you stopped working. But that’s what Ingat-Angat aims to do. A campaign headed by the private business sector, they’re helping restaurants get back on their feet while trying to lighten the load of the healthcare sector by encouraging people to get vaccinated.

How do you avail?

Depending where you and your family are living at, there are different processes. For example, Quezon City has to register for a vaccine. Others just head over to their barangay and get it done. Once you get your first shot, you’ll be given a vaccination card. Keep your card and your family’s card! That’s a legal government document that allows you to avail of all the promos from restaurants included in the Ingat-Angat campaign!

What are some of the restaurants?

If you’re trying to find them through the website, it’s going to take some time. But we’ve already sorted them out via groups for you. Some of the restaurants like Din Tai Fung from The Moments Food Group are offering promos:

Then, you’ll be happy to know that they’re offering a promo to those who are vaccinated. Those spend at least PHP1000 and show their vaccine card get a Free Moment Card and get 10% off their meals. 10% maybe small but it still goes a long way! And they’re not the only restaurants! Even restaurants such as Vikings (and all its sister restaurants!) have a promo:

And these aren’t the only ones! There are other restaurants like Jollibee, Mang Inasal, Marugame Udon, Macao Imperial Tea, Cibo, and etc. that are offering promos for those are vaccinated. Just make sure you read the mechanics. Some restaurants would prefer if you got the vaccine on the day itself. Others are okay with just you presenting the card even though it’s not the same day vaccination.

Shake Shack

To get some free custard from the Shack, it’s about time we get vaxxed! As part of the Ingat Angat movement, Shake Shack has just announced that anyone’s who vaccinated and spends a minimum of PHP 1000 in their store gets one (1) free single serving of Vanilla Custard. Especially in Philippine heat, that cool custard looks really good. All you have to do is present your vaccination card — even though you’re only on your first shot — to avail of the free custard.

Time to help both the Health Sector and Food Sector get back up on their feet!

Take note though that all of these vaccination perks won’t start at the same time. Right now, the campaign’s running from June 01 to August 31, 2021 so, you’ll probably notice restaurants like Peri Peri Chicken, Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory, Amici, etc. come out with promos at their own pace. There’s just a lot of perks to being vaccinated. But if you’re really not sure, it’s okay. We totally understand and it would be best to consult your doctor first, especially if you have existing diseases.

If you want to find out more, you can check out their website here:

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