Should Your Kids Watch Cruella? Here’s What You Need to Know

Disney’s Cruella may look like a fun movie but it might not be for young kids.

“From the very beginning, I’ve always made a statement. Not everyone appreciated that. But I wasn’t for everyone,” says Cruella at the start of the movie. Which is quite interesting because, all our lives, we figured that Disney always made family-friendly movies. You have movies like Raya, Moana, Frozen, the highly underrated The Goofy Movie — Disney has always given our families and our kids wholesome stories to watch.

Yet, Cruella takes a different tone

Cruella starts off with a young girl who sees her mother die and is adopted by Horace and Jasper, the two of the goons we saw in the 101 Dalmatians movie. She then stays with them and learns a variety of things such as stealing priceless art, getting into alcohol, etc. But the real transformation begins when Cruella aspires to be like the famous fashion designer Baroness von Hellman, known for being chic with an extra side of nasty.

Kids may not be able to appreciate the movie.

Cruella’s a movie that looks into deconstructing her not only as a villain but as a person. How did she get to where she was? Was she really that obsessed with dalmatians? Was she ever attacked by a dalmatian? The movie attempts to unravel the psychotic mind of the dalmatian-obsessed villainess while offering hints of humor from the two goons. Although there’s no swearing, the dark tones of attempted murder by burning and being attacked by animals might scare your kids.

There might be a lot mature themes.

We all know that the fashion industry can have a lot of drama and Cruella doesn’t attempt to hide it. It shows the fashion industry and all its dirty laundry for its viewers to see. The heightened competition, the lengths each one is willing to go to sabotage their competitor’s fashion line — these are probably some things that you don’t want your kids to get into at a young age. Maybe if they’re older — around 10 and above.

Cruella smirks. “But I wasn’t for everyone.”

While we love a good deconstructing like how Angelina Jolie played a more compassionate Maleficent, Cruella might just be a little too much for kids. That doesn’t mean to say however that Emma Stone didn’t do a good job. In fact, it’s her interpretation of Cruella that made the origin story convincing. Cruella shows that while there are some people who are tough on the outside but soft on the inside, there are also people who are just plain sinister no matter what you do. It’s a good watch but maybe for your older kids.

Unfortunately, it’s not available on Netflix and can only be streamed through Disney Plus which is a premium channel for all Disney movies.

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