Danika Nemis and Luke Landrigan are expecting Baby Number 2!

Luna will be a sister as Luke Landrigan and Danika Nemis announced baby number 2 on their social media accounts.

Model and entrepreneur Danika Nemis is going to be a mom again. She and surfer Luke Landrigan announced last December 23 that they were expecting baby number 2.

“Dreams do come true! Our sweet rainbow baby, we have been praying for you! I’ll soon be a mom of 2!” Danika wrote.

Despite a failed IVF and ectopic pregnancy in 2021, Danika said she and the family have not given up on having another child.

“Luke and Luna remained strong with me. They kept my faith alive that soon this day [would] come. As this challenging year comes to a close, we welcome a New Life to our Family!”

“I look forward with excitement to all our new adventures together!” Danika added.

Danika Nemis and Luke Landrigan
Photo from Danika Nemis Instagram

Life away from Manila

Luke and Danika have made the beach their home since relocating to La Union. The couple has also adapted to a vegan lifestyle, saying it has helped them a lot at the height of the pandemic.

In an interview with Modern Parenting, Danika shared how she tries to make learning fun for Luna.

“I think it’s important to make learning as fun as possible. Because learning is fun, Luna will always want to learn more and more. So far, we’ve enjoyed learning alongside Luna because she always surprises us with her goofy antics and general zest for life. We just love her energy!” she said.

As for the vegan lifestyle they’ve made, Danika said: “With Luke and me, we stopped eating all things dairy first. Then we quit meat. Or you can also try to limit your meat intake by going meatless once a week first. Once you see and feel the difference in your body and mood, you’ll want to transition completely much sooner!” 

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