Dingdong Dantes’ Son Sixto Gets a Special Gift for His 4th Birthday

For his 4th birthday, Sixto Dantes, son of Dingdong and Marian, receives a special gift. Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio!

We all have that special show we’ve grown up with and have watched countless times. Such as the case with Dingdong Dantes’ son Sixto, who on his 4th birthday received a special gift: a wooden version of Pinocchio based on Guillermo del Toro’s movie.

On Instagram, the Family Feud host shared the story of the wooden Pinocchio created by his sculptor friend Charming Baldemor.

“This wooden toy (from old Ipil), carved by our talented sculptor friend Charming Baldemor, has quickly become one of his favorites,” Dingdong wrote on Sunday, April 16.

“Just like how I watched Superman 2 countless times in the 80s, Sixto has seen this movie about 20 times already!”

Timeless stories

In the same post, Dingdong wrote about how amazing classic stories like Pinocchio are still relevant.

“It’s amazing how stories and characters like Pinocchio are timeless and carry valuable lessons,” he said. “Here’s to a birthday filled with imagination, wonder, and lots of play time with this special gift!”

In a separate post, Dingdong shared a photo of Sixto trying to maneuver the wheel of a motorboat.

Happy Birthday, Sixto!

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