7 Educational Games for Preschool Kids

It’s not just about buying dolls and toy cars for your kids anymore. Get to know these educational games for preschool kids!

Kids now have more access and choices when it comes to toys and games. The challenge for parents is sorting and choosing which ones to buy. When it comes to preschoolers, it’s important that they have a combination of play and interactive experience. Companies manufacturing toys and games for kids also make sure that their products are educational. Check out some of these educational games for kids we researched that could help your preschooler!

Educational Games for Kids

1. Musical Instruments

educational games for kids
LunaLoveMNL Maracas, P150 available at

If you’re teaching your kids about the importance of sound and music, then musical instruments can help. You can buy a small drum set, a keyboard, or even maracas to teach them about rhythm and melody.

2. Flashcards

educational games for kids
Phonic Kids, P1,500 at WhatsUpMommah E-Outlet Store

Flashcards are one of the best materials for teaching your kids. It teaches them to identify what’s on the card. It’s also like playing a game of memorization and familiarity.

3. Puzzles

educational games for kids

Puzzles help in teaching your kid about directions and memorization. There are different types of puzzles from jigsaw puzzles to chunky puzzles. Designs can be from animals, cars, numbers, pictures, and alphabets.

4. Sandboxes

educational games for kids

Having a sandbox is highly recommended for preschoolers as part of their sensory play.  Playing in a sandbox outside also gives your kids enough sun!

You also don’t need anything fancy to make one because a shovel and pail can actually help. All you have to do is put on some toys and your kids can play and identify items by feeling textures.

5. Board Games

Board games are also a good way to help in teaching your kids. There are a variety of board games from counting numbers to the introduction of words.

Monkey digital balance addition and subtraction arithmetic board game puzzle P469 available in Lazada

6. Play Dough

Clay or play dough is another form of educational game that you can teach your kids. They form shapes and objects and it also helps with their sensory and motor skills.

7.  Sensory Bins

Kids love to explore and a sensory bin is one way to help them with this. Just fill it with objects such as leaves, stones, or even food items for them to hold, smell, or touch.

Keep Your Kids Productive with These Educational Toys

So if you’re looking for ways to keep your kids busy but also learn, these are just some of the games you can give them. After all, nothing beats learning using senses, memory, and application.

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