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Elisse Joson Melts Hearts with A Short Reel of McCoy De Leon and Felize

Celebrity mom Elisse Joson shares the warmth and gratitude she has for McCoy and Felize.

Celebrity mom Elisse Joson posted a heartwarming reel of her dancing with McCoy and Felize, sharing that despite all the struggles “she wouldn’t trade it for the best feeling in the world.” She adds in the post that McCoy is the “love of her life” and Felize is “right in the center”, proving that in a family — there will always be enough love to go around. Watch the heartwarming video below:

Why is this video so heartwarming?

Parenting, as we know, is a story that has a lot of losses and not enough wins. Relationship struggles, keeping work away from home, making sure that nobody in the house is wrongfully attacked by stress that is not their fault — all these things can easily make all the good moments seem so small. Just like Elisse mentions, “What everyone doesn’t see in photos and videos are the personal struggles, work issues, and relationship challenges that we have to overcome daily.”

Many of us carefully curate our social media feeds, keeping all the skeletons in the closet. Some also forget that happy times don’t just magically drop from the sky. These are the moments that we need to commit to making them happen, just like how Elisse openly declared: “I would do anything to keep us this happy and lively.”

Elisse Joson: “No special occasion needed to say I love you.”

We’re all so busy trying to find the right moment to say certain things. Many of us find it easier to forget to say these little things and blame the workload instead—which we rationalize for the sake of survival. But being in a loving relationship works hand-in-hand with creating a warm environment for families to live in. Because like Elisse shares with McCoy, “The best feeling in the world is experiencing the warmth and comfort of being in this little family we’re in. Something we can call our own.”

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