Safely Run Your Daily Errands With These Essentials

From making errands safe and efficient for parents, to making home life fun and meaningful for the kids, there is a Coleman essential for the family

As our practices at work, business, personal duties, and environmental interactions change on the daily, we realize that our needs stay the same. There are still groceries to shop for, and weekend activities to boost the family’s spirits during these trying times. Though this shift in our lives needs constant adjustments, Coleman constantly offers the most reliable and high quality products to make these practices as efficient and as safe as before. With new challenges in this new normal, parents should be equipped with the right tools for both outdoor and indoor activities.

Grocery Safety Hack

Given the situation of a pandemic, people are squeezing in as many tasks in one trip outside the house as efficiently as possible. Grocery shopping can be stressful when you consider the number of people touching products or shopping carts, and not knowing when they were last disinfected. Minimizing the number of items you touch is a must. As a safety hack, Coleman carries Insulated Soft Coolers that aid in lessening the risk of exposure to shopping carts; it keeps meats and fresh produce fresh, locking in their temperature for up to 24 hours with the use of Coleman ice substitutes.

Worry-free Dine outs

These times, eating out means bringing home-cooked meals to your workplace or on the field. Coleman’s Soft Coolers can keep your food fresh for up to 5 hours with the use of ice substitutes, giving its users the serenity of being safe, rather than exposing themselves by eating out in restaurants. Coleman Excursion Coolers, on the other hand, are perfect for people who would like to get away from the city, keeping cold drinks and snacks cool while on the road.

Need a separate water jug? Coleman Jugs can not just store cold water for hours with ice, but also have flip-top spout for quick drinking and a large bail handle for easy carrying.

Fun-filled Camping with the Kids

Outdoor travel still has its limits, especially when you want to tag your little one. Parents now also need to come up with safe entertainment for the whole family to make up for restrictions on outdoor activity. Recreate the outdoor camping atmosphere by setting up a Coleman Tent and Sleeping Bags in your living room or backyard. To complete the camping experience, don’t forget to tell scary stories under the light of a Coleman Lantern as the family indulges in classic camp food that are easy to cook at home such as smores and grilled hotdogs.

Coleman’s high quality products help modern parents to stay on top of their game amidst the new norm. It’s goal is to turn your family night, date night, or grocery shopping into an everyday adventure!

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