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How Keeping Medical Records Digitally Makes Lives Easier for Doctors and Families

With families going to various hospitals, it’s a hassle to keep a track of all their kids’ medical records!

Although families don’t usually visit the hospital unless they’re really sick, those with chronic diseases have hands-on maintenance and need something that can reduce the paperwork. Most of their family medical records may even come from the emergency department of whatever hospital they rushed to, leaving most of the papers in a wild, fragmented, mess! While some hospitals have opted for paperless records, their websites usually require the patient to create an account which means another pair of usernames and passwords to memorize!

But what if we could have all those in one place?

Data Management: An In-Demand Skill in both Corporate and at Home

One of the many hats we wear as parents is being a data manager. Sometimes, we have a large, metal file cabinet sitting at the corner of our bedroom, filled to the brim with folders containing the medical records of our kids and sometimes, even our spouse. If we live with our grandparents, their records are probably be there too! But sorting those files aren’t usually a priority which is how we end up sometimes losing our kids’ baby books or even forgetting when their last dosage was.

“From immunization records, and even dosages of their medicines, managing that information can be a struggle especially for single moms like me,” admits MILA App’s marketing officer, Jezzika Kierulf.

Especially when we have to rush our kids to the hospital, we are our kids’ advocates. We know their health history but understanding the numbers isn’t exactly are forte. That’s when doctors come in and they can only do that if they have the medical records and our testimonies.

So, why not have everything in one place? MILA App gathers all the information from the uploaded records and sorts it out for parents so they can just hand it over to the doctor and get a better diagnosis. After all, the limit to any doctor’s ability is based on the data they are provided by us – the parents!

Streamlining our proactiveness in managing a family’s medical history

Meet the team that makes it easier to manage our family's medical history
Source: MILA App

“We want to create an ecosystem where parents and doctors can easily communicate their requests,” shares Engr. Faustino “Bam” Salvador, Jr. “But to do so, we have to give moms a tool that can effortlessly manage their family’s health. They may have to upload it themselves but hopefully, with enough parents and users, we’ll create a system that collates all that information.”

Considering the many vaccines that schools and certain travel activities require, we need to have our family’s medical records on hand. But we can’t lug all that paperwork around; that’s just too heavy! With everything accessible on an app, it’ll be easier for the doctors to work together to help our families stay healthy especially with the constantly changing environment.

The MILA App currently has early access for families so they can start managing their medical history as early as now.

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