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A Father and His Regrets About The Texas School Shooting: “He Would Always Say I Didn’t Love Him”

Heartbroken and in tears, the Texas School Shooting gunman’s father, Salvador Ramos, shares how his son’s misplaced rage may have been towards him.

It was clear nothing in the world could have prepared Salvador Ramos, father of the gunman, to find out that his son, also named Salvador, was the culprit behind the Texas School Shooting and was killed on the spot. “I was working on that day of the shooting,” he confesses in an exclusive interview with The Daily Beast. “It was when my mom called that I panicked and called up the local jail. When I found out he wasn’t there, it’s when that realization sunk into me. ‘They killed my baby, man’.”

father texas school shooting

A Father’s Guilt: “He Should’ve Just Shot Me.”

Salvador Ramos reveals that he never knew his son was capable of that kind of atrocity. However, he mentioned noticing some changes in his son during the pandemic. He had bought a pair of boxing gloves and wanted to test them in the local park. “I said, ‘Mijo, one day somebody’s going to kick your ass,’” Ramos recalled. “I started seeing different changes in him like that.”

The guilt intensified when the father recalled what his mother told him. “My mom tells me he probably would have shot me too because he would always say I didn’t love him,” the father said. “He should’ve just shot me, instead of doing something like that to someone.”

The father revealed that his relationship with his son was further strained due to being employed beyond Uvalde. His job involved him digging around utility poles for inspection during the pandemic.

A Father-Son Relationship: The Cornerstone Of Any Young Man’s Development

The relationship dynamics between a mother and her son are different from a father with their son. Because children learn through mimicry and from people they can identify with more, a son would lean more to learning from their fathers. However, the strained relationship between the two Salvadors along with a confirmed history of Salvador Ramos being a victim of bullying due to a speech impediment unfortunately pushed the two into a corner where violence and death were the only answer and solution.

father texas school shooting

“I wish my son would have gone and changed his life,” he tearfully shared. “My daughter, I guess, changed her life, she went to the Navy.”

Currently estranged from his daughter, Salvador also revealed that the sister blamed him for not spending enough time with family.

What now?

The million-dollar question hangs over everyone’s heads as the Ramos family finds a way to come to terms with their son’s instigation in the Texas School Shooting. But this shooting is also a wake-up call for many fathers that their role in their children’s development is certainly relevant. After all, parenting involves teamwork with both a support group and/or a partner.

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