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Finding Comfort At Carole’s Table

Carole Cuasay Tagle shares how she overcame both the physical and mental obstacles of transforming her cooking hobby into a thriving business.

It is a delicate process when transforming a hobby into a business, especially when you’re making sure
to balance passion with returns. The stakes rise with issues that include sourcing high-quality ingredients and prioritizing quality. Yet, these are challenges that CC Table’s founder and owner, Carole Cuasay Tagle, reveals fueled her passion even more.

“Women can wear many different hats. Use that fire inside you and think longterm. But don’t be afraid to try things outside your comfort zone,” she advises. “There are so many angles and dimensions to explore and the only way to pursue your passion is to go for it!”

The pursuit of delighting palates

The passion Carole has for food is something she credits to her mom. Learning the ways of how to entertain guests, fine dining, and decadent landscapes became the pillars of her inspiration.

“She exposed me to different types of food, cuisines, and cultures. With the dynamic food scene around San Francisco, living in this daring city inspired me to be more creative in the kitchen,” the former magazine editor beams.

That spirit was highly welcomed during the pandemic when people were disheartened by the times. Who knew that a bottle of Three Cheese Pimiento — CC Table’s very first product — would receive such phenomenal responses? Carole then took the success as a sign to continue, with the encouragement of food editor and author Angelo Comsti, creating the Gourmet Bangus Sardines and other dips and delights.

The most comforting part, perhaps for many who enjoy a meal from the CC Table, is that it already has earned the approval of her friends and family. And although fancy dishes are a delight, a homemade meal exudes a different kind of heartwarming feeling. A dish earns its place in a home for its ability to create memories through its flavors. Just ask Carole’s kids, who are just in love with the CC Table’s Tomato
Confit as a pasta sauce!

“I was inspired to recreate it because it was my go-to base for everything while living in San Francisco. It’s an easy dish with a few ingredients, and it goes really great with a good fish or a roasted chicken. So
simple and delicious but bursting with flavor,” she gushes.

Turning hobbies into businesses

Carole has always had a knack for creativity. From her previous stint as a fashion editor to creating some of the most loved dishes in the metro, she has never been one to compromise taste and quality.

Her whole roster of flavorful goodies, such as Sardines in Apple Cider Vinegar and Olive Oil, the All Natural Hummus using chickpeas that are not from a can, and the Organic Chicken Liver Pate, have comforted hearts and tables with its all-natural ingredients — a goal she intends to keep on fulfilling each and every time.

She declares, “I have always wanted to offer products using fresh and fine ingredients without compromising taste and flavor. To do this, I also typically involve my kids when developing the recipes because their opinion really matters to me.”

The fulfillment of this goal comes from the customers who have expressed their joy to have tasted her experiences and travels in the form of her food products. “We are continuing to grow each year, and it’s heartwarming to know that my customers are pleased and they keep coming back for more,” she continues. “Every positive feedback is precious, and I’m grateful to be given this opportunity to share the dishes I lovingly create with their families.”

While hobbies are a delight to the soul, their transformation into a business means staying grounded with
the many aspects that allow it to stay relevant. However, sometimes, those are the things that can douse the fire. From training the staff, creating a structure and a routine, and allowing room for mistakes.

“It can get overwhelming at times because of the constant need to balance your time and attention, and to evolve while staying consistent,” Carole admits. “But at some point, you’ll develop a good and instinctive handle on your business.” After all, a business is like a baby; only you will know how to make it thrive!”

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