Food Expert Gives Your Favorite Pork Barbecue and Noodles a Javanese Spin

Nina Daza-Puyat transports every foodie to the islands of Indonesia with this rich peanut dish

Originating from Java Island, then eventually growing widespread in Indonesia, the sate flavor is a complex mixture that just transforms any dish. It’s an explosion of flavors that fuses a garlicky, rich umami tone and a delicious blend of spices together. Bringing this intricate complexity to Filipinos’ favorite pork barbecue and noodles, homecooks can bring a taste of Indonesia to their family with Nina Daza-Puyat’s Pork Barbecue Sate with Peanut Noodles.

Championing Southeast Asian Cuisine

Nina Daza-Puyat's Pork barbecue and peanut noodles

Filipinos love peanuts. Peanut butter, kare-kare, or just simple fried peanuts in a jar, we relish every version of it. It also is the main ingredient of a famed Indonesian sate sauce which also turns out to be the star of today’s dish. Nina’s Pork Barbecue Sate with Peanut Noodles also features Chinese cuisine influences especially with the peanut noodles which was ultimately inspired by Dandan noodles. She then steers back to Indonesian food with the pork barbecue that is adapted from the Balinese Sate Babi. 

“First inspiration is the Dandan noodles. It’s a Chinese noodle dish with fresh noodles and a peanut base sauce that’s spicy… I remembered that we also have a pork sate barbecue recipe in my mom’s cookbook using peanut butter, the Sate Babi. It’s a dish from Indonesia,” Nina explains.

She also pointed out that with the peanut or sate sauce being both on the barbecue and noodles, there was a seamless blend of flavor all throughout the whole dish. 

Nina Daza-Puyat's pork barbecue sate and peanut noodles

The savoriness of the pork tenderloin barbecue marinated in rich sate sauce becomes a perfect complement to the richness of the peanut-flavored vermicelli noodles. Nina mentioned as well how grilling over charcoal can actually add a subtle smokiness to the pork, otherwise, pan grilling is still an acceptable means. 

The sate flavor can be quite overwhelming due to its intense and multilayered flavoring. This is why Nina recommends serving it with calamansi or cucumber on the side. These can serve as a palate cleanser, a refreshing break from the savoriness.

Create your own Pork Barbecue Sate with Peanut Noodles with Sapporo’s Long Kow Vermicelli. For more information, you may visit their website.

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