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Gabby Eigenmann and Epy Quizon on Comparison to Their Dads

Gabby Eigenmann and Epy Quizon come from showbiz families but contrary to what people say that it’s easy for them, it gets tricky due to comparison.

When you come from showbiz families, especially family members who have proven their worth in the industry, comparisons happen and Gabby Eigenmann and Epy Quizon know what it feels like.

During an interview with Boy Abunda last May 4, Epy and Gabby, who are promoting Voltes V: Legacy, talk about the comparisons and life as dads to their own families.

Gabby Eigenmann and Epy Quizon on comparison: It’s not easy

Asked about the comparisons, Epy pointed out that there is an advantage but it’s not easy.

“Akala nila madali para sa amin na makapasok ng industriya. Kasi anak ka ni Dolphy or anak ka ni Kuya Ralph (Mark Gil, Gabby’s father),” Epy explained. “Pero actually, mas mahirap kasi madali ka makapasok pero pagpasok mo, ikukumpara ka agad sa mga kapatid mo, sa tatay mo. So iyon yung maling expectations ng tao.”

Dolphy and his sons
Epy with his dad Dophy and brothers. Photo from Epy Quizon’s Instagram

Gabby echoed Epy’s sentiments. “It was an advantage na anak ka ng artista or galing ka angkan ng artista. It was an advantage, it was a stepping stone to showbiz. Pero ang problema lang is they expect you to be as good as your dad or as good as your tito.”

“Nag-start ako sa singing, hindi as an actor. So sasabihin nila na sana kasing galing ng lolo niya, si Eddie Mesa. It was a pressure,” he added.

Gabby Eigenmann with his dad Mark Gil
Gabby with his dad Mark Gil. Photo from Gabby Eigenmann’s Instagram

Gabby Eigenmann and Epy Quizon on what they got from their dads

Now that they are dads themselves, the two actors were asked what similarities they have with their fathers when it comes to parenting. Gabby for his part said that while he did not grow up much with his dad, he felt his presence.

“Hindi kami nagkaroon ng wall. He was always there to support us financially, etc. Nandoon siya. We never missed a moment na hindi namin siya nakikita,” he said.

“I would say yeah, I’m similar to him,” Gabby added of his dad’s personality.

Gabby Eigenmann Voltes V General Robinson
Gabby as General Robinson. Photo from GMA

Epy on the other hand said: “Ako, ang pareho namin is we know the linggo of the streets. Ibato mo ako sa Tondo, ibato mo ako kahit saan, alam ko kung paano makisama sa mga tao. Alam ko ang lenggwahe ng kalsada and alam iyan ng tatay ko.”

Epy Quizon Zuhl Voltes V
Epy as Zuhl. Photo from GMA

Both Gabby and Epy are part of Voltes V: Legacy where Gabby plays General Robinson while Epy plays Zuhl, one of Zardoz’s chiefs.

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