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Get 50% Off Alaska Products AND Do Good? So Much Yes!

In a time when the unemployment rate has risen to a shocking 27.3 million, it’s important to give all the help we can. While businesses have started reopening this month, many still struggle to make ends meet, especially in areas of low economic activity.

Staying true to its purpose of nourishing Filipino families and contributing to nation building, Alaska Milk has been extending a helping hand to various communities and frontliners since the onset of the pandemic. To top it off, this October, it’s launching a month-long online sale that doubles as a fundraising effort—the Alagang Alaska 10.10 Sale!

The Alagang Alaska 10.10 Sale

Mark your calendars for October 6 and 10! The Alagang Alaska 10.10 is available via Alaska Milk’s official Lazada store on October 6 and October 10 on the brand’s official Shopee store.

Expect 50% off on Alaska Milk products including Alaska Ready-to-Drink Milk, Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk Drink, Alaska Créma All-Purpose Cream, Alaska Classic Condensed and Evaporated Milk, and Alaska
Evaporada and Condensada.

The best part? 10% of the total sales made from the Alagang Alaska 10.10 Sale will go into helping those who are heavily affected by the pandemic in Capas, Tarlac.

For more information, you may check out www.alaskamilk.com and follow @alaskamilkph and
@alaskaredkitchen on Instagram and Facebook.

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