This International Women’s Day Doodle by Google Highlights Wisdom and Progress

The Google doodle commemorates International Women’s Day and the contribution of women around the world.

Google has been commemorating International Women’s Day the past years and this year’s doodle is no exception. For this year’s doodle, Google focuses on the wisdom and progress of women. According to the description, the doodle (created by Sophie Diao) shows a group of women who are “sharing wisdom across generations within a quilt embroidered with the symbol of progress through the years.”

The inspiration behind the doodle

In a short interview with Google, Sophie explained the story behind the doodle. It was inspired by the women in her family from China, where their roots are from. “I wanted to capture that cozy, comforting feeling of old generations sharing wisdom and precious quality time with younger folks,” she says.

She likewise encourages the young ones to get to know the women before them. “There is so much to learn from the experiences of those who came before us, as well as the wonder of those who are experiencing life for the first time.”

Google’s doodles have not only commemorated specific moments of women, but also honored them in special occasions such as Mother’s Day and the women who paved the way for change.

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